As I See It

Let’s say that a certain NFL team decided they were going to crown themselves Super Bowl Champions.  To do this and appear legitimate, they divided the team in half, had a scrimmage and declared the winner “Super Bowl Champ.”  Minority districts are that way.  Once upon a time, they might have made moral sense.  Today, the districts are manipulated to benefit a specific person or party and not necessarily the people in a district.  In this situation you are going to have “Ins” and “Outs” in a district. Some people are going to be “In” and some are going to be “Out”.  Who you send to Austin or Washington is going to determine the quality of legislation.  Too much time has been spent on issues that are irrelevant to the economic prosperity of America.  No one can change Washington, or Austin.  What you can change is who represents you in these places.  When you do that, you will have changed Washington and Austin. 

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