It’s all about values

Hopefully Santa will bring the TDP some badly needed leadership.  Elections are right around the bend and anyone thinking of being a candidate needs to get started now defining their values.

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Happy Holidays!

From our families to yours,

We wish you a safe and very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Felix Alvarado

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It’s all about values

Heard it today on the radio. A congress without bluedogs. A Bluedog Democrat is not a value. Bipartisan likewise not a value. Lesson for all Democrats: Never say tax increase of any kind. Never. nuff said.

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It’s all about values

It happened today.  Two more Democrats jumped ship.  It could have been a matter of values or maybe a matter of getting reelected.  But still the issue still remains the same.  It is time for new leadership for the Democratic Party.  Nuff said.

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No big surprise…

In the tradition of past elections, the democratic establishment has force fed the anointed one to the masses  believing that this time  the results were going to be different than in the past.  Someone once said that if you continue doing the same thing, you are going to get the same result.  Is there any reason to believe that this is going to be any different? 

I met most of the Democratic candidates.  They all seemed to have a strong compelling message.  Yet the status quo was preferable to the democratic establishment over progress.  In Spanish there is a phrase, “es mejor lo malo por conocer que lo bueno por no conocer.”  In English it is called the status quo. Why do we have colonias in South Texas that compete with the favelas in Brazil?  When you ask Latinos in South Texas, “why don’t you vote?” the typical response is ‘porque no cambia nada”.  Think about it.  South Texas veterans have been clamoring for a VA hospital in the Valley.  Lo que es triste is that the people who are responsible for providing the veterans are running for reelection.  If those who say “no cambia nada” only knew how powerful their vote could be, maybe they would come out and vote.

We heard over and over again regarding qualifications a candidate for public office.  Yet in the hunger to win a statewide office, qualifications did not matter any more.  The urgency was now to have someone in the ticket to bring out the Hispanic vote.  Are we Latinos that gullible? 

I have been scheduling Felix to attend various endorsement screenings even though we both knew that only the anointed would receive endorsement. Hypocritial yet typical stereotypical behavior of the status quo. If we must face an uncertain future then let’s face it with some familiarity. There’s a saying that goes…keep your friends close, but keep your enemies closer. We need to be vigilant as the status quo continues to feed on the working poor to maintain their power structure.

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It’s all about values

The winds of change are still.  Could it be that the stillness is the prelude to the perfect storm?  Let the winds of change start at the top of the TDP.

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