Democracy Banana Republic Style

Overheard yesterday.  “The Democratic Party wants to win a statewide election, it just does not want to be democratic about it”.

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Turning Texas Blue

I attended a funeral yesterday and like most funerals it was a very sad affair especially when it is someone you know and remember fondly.  I saw around me and heard all the kind words of sadness, sorrow and encouragement.  I could not help but think of politics.  I recall comments that I read about the candidate for state chair from South Texas and his plan to turn Texas Blue.  I thought to myself, “I do not believe anyone in here cares a rat’s rear what color Texas is.  They just want something better, not so much for themselves anymore, but for their children”.  The cuts in education hit this group of people hard.  In one of my political interviews I was asked, “when does a person stop paying for a crime?  When you speak of a male adult with children who is being denied the right to vote, the punishment extends to the children.  The Democratic Party has for years had a loyal following of Hispanics and African-Americans.  As I look around I see why some of these voters are looking elsewhere for political power.  Will redistricting really change anything around here?  When we say “Turn Texas Blue” are we no better off than someone saying, “Make Texas more conservative”.  Both sides miss the point.  The point is about making Texas better.  Does anyone out there have a “how to plan?????”

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Happy New Years

Now that everyone has recuperated from all the celebrating it is time to get down to business and figure out how to get Democracts elected.  Of course, there are some Democratic candidates that I support and others that I believe should reassess their ability to move the party forward.  Certainly, I hear the same old worn out rhetoric about how to turn Texas blue.  The old saying about doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result rings true in many corners.  There are so many experts out there, people who believe that they have the answer, that they have a winning formula, etc, etc.  Folks.  You want to make Texas blue???? Start with the TDP chair.

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