It’s all about values


Can hardly say anything else in regards to the departure of the TDP chair.  Good Bye.  There is no disrespect.  As the chair departs it is time to look at who the replacement will be.  I have previously recommended Fidel Acevedo.  I remain committed to Fidel.  I have heard some other possible candidates.  I and other candidates for governor last election recall how we were blacklisted at County Democratic offices.  I also recall it was a county chair from South Texas who started the rumor that only the anointed one could win statewide and that all Democrats should unite behind the anointed one.  Most county chairs did.  I recall that the South Texas county chair mentioned that the DNC had come up with the conclusion that only the anointed one could win.  Goes to show you that the DNC does not know Texas politics.  It also goes to show you also that the county chair from South Texas likewise does not know Texas politics.  In fact, there are many consultants out there who do not know Texas Politics.  That county chair and all those who conspired to deny the candidates who paid their hard earned money to file to run for governor as Democrats, well all of those people should likewise resign.  The reason for that is that there is no place in the Democratic Party for such shenanigans.  The people should decide who they want to represent them.  To try to manipulate the will of the people, that is okay in some other countries, it is not okay in Texas and it is not hopefully the standard of the Democratic Party.   

I look at the mess in Bexar County and I ask myself “what went wrong?  Where is our civility?”  I remember the wise old saying “Two wrongs don’t make a right.”  It is obvious that in Bexar County two groups, both wrong are trying to get it right, and they are both getting it wrong.  Making a lot of Texas laugh, so they are all good for a good laugh.  I recall sage advice supposedly from LBJ.  “It is better to have your enemy inside the tent peeing out instead of outside the tent peeing in”.  The tent smells.  And no matter which side wins, the smell will remain. 

You really need to read my next post.

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