Stay tuned in!

Felix is on the move. He will be in your area, or really close by… so stay tuned in!

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Enough is enough!

The message is loud and clear.

Our veterans should not have to travel over two-hundred miles to get the medical care they need. For years, our Rio Grande Valley veterans have been clamoring for a VA hospital. Enough is enough! If elected, I promise to use all my power – as governor to make a VA hospital in the Rio Grande Valley a reality.  Let’s face it – all we need is the political will!

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Thursday – October 1, 2009

Mark your calender. This is the day that we will post the names of our advocates for health care, the economy and education.

We call these folks the A-Team Advocates. They are individuals close to the problems we currently face. 

Also, we will be posting Felix’s stand on various issues.

Just FYI, I did not steal the word advocate from any other campaign. 

more later…

Stay tuned to twitter! Alvarado2010

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A few notes

I just updated the website. Check it out.

This weekend was pretty amazing! Felix visited with the Democratic club members in Madisonville at their annual Poor Man’s Dinner event. It was a great turnout and Felix left there charged and ready for the challenge ahead.

I accompanied him to the Tejano Democratic Convention and to temple where we visited with some wonderful, wonderful, inspiring people and ate some delicious food.  

The responses were positive. People are ready for change. Unfortunately, we could not avoid the chisme – so I want to rid the thought from everyone’s mind that Felix would consider dropping out of the race.  He is in for the long haul.

Any candidate that runs for statewide office has to walk, jump or swim into the race with eyes wide opened. Let’s face it, any Texas Democrat will find it difficult to get elected statewide. 

However, we are running on a positive note and that is – we can elect a Democratic governor in 2010!

One last note, we will be introducing our A-Team Advocates on Oct. 1, 2009.

The lessons we’ve learned are recorded  at

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Press Release


September 5, 2009

Press Release: Democratic Contender For Texas Governor Offers Details On Bounced Check

August 13, 2009

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