Leadership and Prayers

The Texas Democratic Party has set history by electing the first Hispanic chair.  While this may be historic, history is written at the end of whatever.  Then history will record successes and failures.  I read about two conventions this weekend, the Democratic Convention in Houston and the Republican Convention here in Fort Worth.  They can be contrasted.  One is in power (Republican), the other one (Democrat) has been out of power for almost twenty years.  I have been an observer and participant in the Democratic Party since my first attempt at elected office in 2002.  I have seen one dream team and two anointed candidates for governor.  In trying to win elections the party has thwarted the democratic process in the erroneous belief that “we” know best.  “We” of course is synonymous with the TDP.  There are no names and no faces, just “we”.  In the case of Bill White, the “we ” is Gilberto Hinojosa because he was quoted as saying that everyone should get behind White because he was the only one that could win.  He was wrong.  Success breeds success.  Failure does not breed success.  The state needs two competitive parties.  Some in the party are waiting for the Republican Party to implode.  That is a poor strategy for getting elected.  Candidates must offer a viable alternative to whatever the Republicans propose.  At the moment the TDP does not offer viable alternatives to whatever the Republicans propose.  It is not about turning Texas Blue, it is about viable alternatives.

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