What is wrong is wrong no matter if you sugar coat it or gold plate it, it is wrong.

Minority Opportunity Districts were created to allow minorities to be elected to office.  We know that people tend to vote their color so it is difficult, not impossible, just difficult, for Hispanics or African-Americans to be elected in mostly White districts.  I have long criticized the lack of leadership, vision and direction of the Democratic Party.  It is not a viable party  in the state.  The TDP has long placed a burden on Latinos to get out and vote for its candidates. When candidates lose, the fault is usually attributed to a lack of Latino voting.  Latinos are not to blame for the lack of leadership in the party.

I have a question.   “Is it right for a well-funded non-minority, that cannot be elected otherwise barge into a district that has been created for a minority and abscond with a prize that rightfully belongs to a minority?”  At issue is specifically Congressional District 35 where the courts had to intervene to create a minority opportunity district only to have a person who could not be elected otherwise decide that he would run in the district because he could win.

Wrong to deny minorities representation and wrong to blame Latinos for the failure of the TDP.

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Back in the Air

After this short hiatus I am back on-line and we will be able to share our thoughts.

First one is going to ask the question, “Is this wrong?”

Next one is going to be about the Incomplete Public Education.

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Congressional District 35 – Alvarado, definitely a new voice


Doggett’s claims for jumping congressional districts not substantiated by his election record. His Democratic primary opponent, Alvarado, maintains hers is the new voice for congressional District 35.


Austin-Based La Voz, editor Alfredo Santos alleges that Maria Luisa Alvarado’s congressional District 35 candidacy “was designed to split the women and Latino vote.”

(Free-Press-Release.com) May 26, 2012 — In an early release of the June 2012 issue of La Voz, editor Alfredo Santos published innuendo that the candidacy of Maria Luisa Alvarado for congressional District 35 “was designed to split the women and Latino vote.” Without naming sources, Santos states that “(s)ome have even speculated that Doggett camp was involved.”