It’s all about values

You can not have an intelligent conversation with a parrot.

Obviously, RWTS sponsors are selling product and that is what they pay the talking heads to do – sell their product.

As I listen to RWTS talking heads from early in the morning to late at night, it’s difficult to ignore the incessant attack on left-wing liberals.  This time the talking heads utterly exploited a national tragedy to its maximum capacity.  In a land where capitalism rules, the Tucson tragedy was turned into an economic bonanza for RWTS advertisers.    These RWTS folks will deny being politicians, however, listen attentively, and you will hear their political agenda.  They talk about pushing the conservative agenda, taking back America, letting freedom ring, pure ideological talk that wittingly serves to do nothing more than mesmerize people to accept their ideology.  Clearly, the First Amendment applies, but what is going to happen to us who are not conservative Republicans?  Do the talking heads want to rule more than the airwaves?  We have to wonder about these things.

It would be ideal if there was a LWTS to spur some competition, but such a group does not exist and more talking heads, we just don’t need.  Further, it makes sense that if people stop buying product from the sponsors of RWTS – RWTS will disappear.


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It’s all about values

Well done Mr. President.

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It’s all about values

I heard it again today.  The revised budget shortfall is now $15 billion down from $27 billion.  It looks like the budget shortfall suffers from the same malady as  the TAKS results, a floating decimal.  Where is the ax going to fall first?  Second?  Third?  Please, no more tax increases on beer and tobacco products.

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It’s all about values

I listened to right-wing radio talk shows (RWTS) today.  I listened as they blamed mainstream media, liberal Democrats and “they” for the accusation that inflammatory RWTS’s were responsible for the killings in Arizona.  The self-defense talk was non-stop all day.  Of course, RWTS had plenty of ammunition to show that Democrats had engaged in similar tactics in the past.  Nevertheless, it is time to put this in proper perspective .  First, there is no mainstream media.  It is merely a figmentation of the RWTS imagination.  Second, there is definitely no left-wing mainstream media, written or otherwise. It too is a figmentation of the RWTS mind.  I heard a lot of mention of “they” as if  “they” existed.  It sure did seem like the more people who called in to defend RWTS the more commercials they played.  RWTS people will say they are not politicians, that they are “entertainers”.  Well, entertainers make money by selling the product of their sponsor.  The reason this topic has gone on so long is that the sponsors are reeling in the money.  Finally, when RWTS people extol the virtues of conservatism and Republicanism while demonizing liberals and Democrats – that is politics.  RWTS like to believe that their words are neutral, however, there are two quotes that apply here; “sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me” and “words are like weapons they hurt sometimes.”  I always tell my students “you cannot have an intelligent conversation with a parrot.”

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Fidel Acevedo Running For Texas Democratic Party Chair

Fidel Acevedo Running For Texas Democratic Party Chair – Texas Democrats , Texas Democratic Party, Progressive Hispanics.

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It’s all about values

I spent the weekend listening and watching the events in Arizona wondering how something like this could ever happen in this great country that I love so much.  The Oklahoma bombing was senseless, as was the vicious attack on the World Trade Center, then the bloody rampage at Fort Hood.  All of these events were insane, and now another senseless killing in Arizona.  More innocent lives lost.  The distance between sanity and insanity is a thin red line and no one knows what is going to cause a person to snap.  Today, I heard right-wing radio defending itself as the perpetrators used the old quote, “guns don’t kill people, people kill people.”  Of course they are right and to say that right-wing talk shows are the cause is absolutely wrong.  As I have said before, right-wing talk show people smile all the way to the bank.  The question is, did right-wing talk show radio cause this young man to snap?  We may never know. 

Folks, it is time for right-wing radio to take responsibility for the polarization of politics in America.  Even today I kept hearing of the evil liberals.  Somehow, right-wing talk show people believe liberals have an agenda that is a clear and present danger to conservatism in America. Right-wing talk show people have spewed this rhetoric for years.  However, you say this enough times and before too long, people are going to believe it.   Right-wing talk show people are excellent communicators.  I heard the denials and of course, they deny, deny, deny.  For the love of God, I believe that it is time for both political parties to sit down and talk, be human and civilized.  Let’s put a stop to this insanity.  For us, it means not buying the products that keep right-wing talk show people in control of the airwaves.   

My condolences to all the victims in Arizona.  Keep the faith.  Trust in God and please trust in the USA.

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It’s all about values

The final numbers were released today.  The state is $27 billion in the hole.  I heard it today; a Republican saying cut things, a Democrat saying increase taxes or fees.  Score a +3 for the Republican and a -10 for the Democrat.  There is a strong TEA party in Texas and we all know what the T stands for.  So a word of advice to all elected Democrats, please do not mention taxes at all.  It is like this – the ball is in the other party’s court – let them play, observe, listen, say nothing.  The game is called politics and like football the objective is to win, not at all costs, but to win.  To win, you must have a strategy.  Elected Democrats answer this: Who is going to do the play-calling?

It’s all about values…

Conservatives make a big issue about America having been founded on conservative principles.  As I recall the conservatives that wanted to hold on to the British way of life went north to Canada.  Those that stayed and fought for liberty, well, they were liberals.  In today’s world, those right-wing talk show folks, well, they are not conservatives – they are capitalists.  There is nothing in the constitution about political parties, however the two-party system works well, but we need the dialogue from both parties, so good legislation can follow.  Conservatism and liberalism are not values.  They are simply labels.

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It’s all about values

Wishing all my fellow Democrats a wonderful new year.

With a new year comes a new start.  For us Democrats a new start is a viable alternative to the Repubublican Party in Texas.  I look forward to the illuminati of the TDP waving their final good byes and giving someone else a chance to make the Democratic Party a viable alternative to the RP in Texas.  This is in no way disrespectful.  The current leadership has shown that it cannot develop a plan for making the Democratic Party strong.  We need leaders with vision and a plan. 

The budget shortfall has doubled in size since is was first revealed.  Education is already being mentioned as a target in the form of larger class size and reduction in the number of elective classes.  It only gets worse. 

“We shall overcome” has to be more than something from history, it has to be the rallying cry for the future.

Happy New Year.

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