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An Open Letter to Gilberto Hinojosa, Candidate for Texas Democratic Party Chair.

Mr. Hinojosa.

I understand that you have been county chair, yet we have never met.  Perhaps we would have met if you had embraced democracy they way I do.  I was a candidate for governor in 2010.  My impression of you was established when I read an article in a newspaper quoting you as saying that the DNC had decreed that only Bill White could win the governor’s race.  You suggested that everyone mobilize behind your anointed candidate.  History records the results, you and the DNC were wrong. In the past few years, the history of the TDP is one failed attempt after another of trying to win statewide elections at any cost.   You could say that all “Hail Mary” passes have been intercepted.

I know that you have a long history of involvement with the Democratic Party.  That is commendable.  Unfortunately, at this juncture what the TDP needs is not someone with a long history with the party but someone with a history and the vision to lead the TDP into the future, someone who can energize and restore passion for a party in disarray.

I read your press release regarding your candidacy for Texas Democratic Chair.  I read the names of some of the people who have endorsed your candidacy.  I know some of those people.  They are loyal fans and probably would not have the audacity to discourage you from pursuing the candidacy.  They may even be able to secure the election for you.  However, your lack of vision, and charismatic leadership may not secure a positive move for the TDP.  Hence, the TDP leadership will simply be a continuation of the last one, leading the party in a road to nowhere.

The TDP needs a leader that can form common ground for the Asians, African-Americans, Whites and Hispanics, a leader who can bring the best of the values each group represents and meld them together into a TDP for the future.  These groups represent the winning coalition.  Given your propensity to exclude candidates from party events, you have demonstrated the greatest hindrance to a successful party, elitism.  Elitism, by its very definition is divisive.

Your leadership skills could have been demonstrated in putting an end to the fiasco within the Bexar County Democratic Party.  You have also had the opportunity to get veterans a hard earned benefit, a hospital in South Texas close enough to their home to end the time consuming, and exhausting travel of hundreds of miles for urgent medical care.

I have long said that what the TDP needed was leadership.  I stand by that opinion.

Democrats deserve a leader with demonstrated ability to achieve results for the good of the community and not for the self.  The Texas Democratic Party needs to go into the future with optimism and values that are good for the State of Texas.  You have demonstrated that you are not this person.


Felix Alvarado, Former Gubernatorial Candidate 2010

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