Annual New Year's Eve Tejano Dance

Annual New Year’s Eve Tejano Dance.

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Democracy Trumped & Trampled


Fort Worth, TX, Dec. 31, 2009:  Felix Alvarado has focused on bringing leadership and vision to Texas, on creating jobs, and addressing the educational and health care needs of all Texans.  A rare quality in today’s political landscape that makes Felix uniquely qualified to serve as governor of the state of Texas.

The values I learned in my 28 year military career shape my life today.  First, I learned that, as Americans, we have an obligation to serve God and Country.  Like most of us who placed our lives on the line for our country, I did this voluntarily. 

I served to protect and defend everyone’s right to do exactly what I am doing right now; to participate in the democratic process.  I would never deny anyone this constitutional right, but would instead encourage everyone to participate. 

 I hope that everyone who reads this article is as outraged as I have been, at the suggestion that all candidates remove their name from the ballot, so that one person can become the anointed candidate.  Yes, an anointed candidate, because he has yet to prove his leadership skills outside his circle of acquaintances.  We have elected other anointed candidates, and all have failed miserably to accomplish their prime objective. Words cannot explain the disgust that I feel.  What is even more disgusting is that responsible people, those who consider themselves leaders, put the mandate of the party above the needs of the people they represent.  This is utterly disgusting. This is, however, politics as usual.

Further, I cannot express how offensive I find the allusion that the only reason why I am seeking to be Governor of our Great State of Texas, is because I am Hispanic.  I heard these same snide remarks in the military, because I was achieving rank that few minorities attained. I had a record of accomplishment in the military, as I have a record of accomplishment today. That is why I was promoted in the military and that is what I carry into the campaign, a lifetime of accomplishment.

I am running because I know I can do better for the working-class, for our Seniors who labored throughout their lives, for our Texas Warriors who risked their lives in the combat fields and now feel abandoned by our government, having to travel several hundred miles to obtain the VA medical care which their service-related wounds and illnesses require.   Our Veterans deserve better care from our State and Federal governments.  As a combat Veteran, I know what they are encountering – and will fight to help them.

I am proud to be an American of Hispanic heritage. I need your help to bring real change to government and I am confident that together we can win.

Felix Alvarado for Texas Governor
USAF Retired Vietnam Veteran


Candidate qualifications…

There is much talk about running qualified candidates for elected office, especially statewide office. This election cycle has been plagued with articles quoting democratic officials about the need to have such individuals on the democratic ballot.  Well, I don’t know about anyone else, but so far, experience has left many Texans out in the cold. 

So, what does it take to run for elected office? There are many myths floating around about what attributes an individual has to possess (some are wishful) to run for elected office. One such attribute is…qualified and another is being well-funded…although well funded is more of a state. And of course, name recognition.

I’ve been reading here and there about different democratic groups searching hi n lo for the perfect democratic candidate to run for statewide office.  Perfect meaning well-qualified, and of course well-funded.  So the question is …what qualifications does a candidate need to possess to be a productive, effective, and efficient leader…a leader whose concern is the needs of the many…the people that is… rather than the needs of the few?  

First, we must define “qualified”…

High school diploma
Higher Education credentials
Years of Experience + 20 (type of experience)
Proven record of success
Do we allow for substitutions?

Then what is considered well-funded?
$70,000,000 is not enough for a democratic candidate.  

How long are we willing to wait to bring needed change to Austin?  We must elect a candidate that actually has the needs of the people as a priority. People we need a passion for change. 

It is rare when you find a candidate that actually has the needs of the people as his main priority. Career politicians do little to effect real change across the board. We need change, and we need it now!  We as the people, have to decide who will best serve our interests. 

Felix Alvarado for Texas Governor – because he is concerned about the issues that face us and he is willing to confront them and find resolve.

Amar y Servir…Hasta que duela

Toma tiempo para pensar…

es la fuente de poder

Toma tiempo para orar…

es el poder mas grande del mundo

Toma tiempo para divertite…

el el secreto de la juventud perpetua

Toma tiempo para amar y ser amado…

es el privilegio dado por dios

Toma tiempo para dar…

el dia es muy corto par ser agoista

Toma tiempo para leer…

es la fuente de sabiduria

Toma tiempo para ser amigable…

es el camino a la felicidad

Toma tiempo para trabajar…

es el precio del exito

Toma tiempo para hacer caridad…

es la llave del cielo

Madre Teresa de Calcutta


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Let’s get real!

The only candidate that stands a chance at defeating the Republican opponent… is Felix Rodriguez Alvarado. Perry is to powerful, even though many of his followers have become dissatisfied with his performance… to say the least. KBH has not fared any better at keeping her followers from shifting camps, but let’s get real… Texans are ready for some real change in Austin.

Felix represents that change.  We cannot wait until 2022 for another opportunity…the time is now to elect someone who can give the GOP a real challenge.  We need Felix because he represents a real threat to the status quo culture.

We can’t deny, the status quo politicians have done a great job at maintaining the livelihood of big business supporters, and their own pockets.  Our education failures which are too long to list, lack of affordable health care, high uninsured rates, high poverty rates, high unemployment and a struggling economy, to name a few issues are proof that the status quo need to go. Living in the 12th largest economy does not matter to the man or woman who can’t find a job. The Hispanic vote means little if the Hispanic population will not gain anything from supporting the same-old status quo politician. The white vote means little if the population will not gain from supporting the same-old status quo politician.

Texans need a reason to vote. Texans need someone who will protect their interests.

Happy Holidays!

From our families to yours,

Merry Christmas
and a Happy New Year!

Felix Alvarado Campaign

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¿No Se Puede? | The Texas Tribune

¿No Se Puede? | The Texas Tribune.

The message we’ve been hearing from… not only Hispanics, but in general is that many people hesitate to vote because regardless of their consistency in voting, or their participation in the election process, nothing seems to change. And then they are expected to support the same-old worn-out political hogwash and hope for a different outcome. It is time for some real change!

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My Vision For The Future of Texas –

My Vision For The Future of Texas –

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San Antonio Meet & Greet Felix!

Join us! The Alvarado Campaign is hosting a Meet & Greet Felix Alvarado Democratic Candidate for TEXAS Governor at the Guadalupe Street Coffee (it is just a meeting place) on the west side of San Antonio, 78207

Monday Dec 21 from 10 am to 12:00 noon

Tuesday Dec 22 from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm

The event is free, coffee and empanadas served up…the coffee shop has great coffee!

To RSVP email or call 682-559-2469

Please join us and learn more about Felix and his vision for Texas. Visit http://www.felixalvarado.comon facebook at Felix Alvarado for Governor

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Everybody’s An Expert:

Everybody’s An Expert:

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