Rock Star Politicians

I wonder who  was the first Rock Star Politician.  It appears like politicians are trying to pass themselves off as rock stars and not as politicians with a message of hope for the community and for America.  America is transitioning from one era to another.  Yesterday is not today and today is not tomorrow.  That is how rapid change is occurring and we need to prepare the American people for today and tomorrow.  You hear “Change Washington” so much that it kind of like this saying has a life of its own.  But it doesn’t because it means nothing.  Yup, that is what it means, Zilch, Nada, To change Washington, you have to change whom you send to Washington.  And folks that is not easy.  When you get right down to it, we know Washington is broke but we keep sending the same people back to Washington.  If you think changing Washington is easy, watch and see who newspapers endorse for election.  You will see that mostly all incumbents are going to be endorsed by newspapers with a complete list of everything they have accomplished. How do you change Washington?? . 

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Public Education a Need and a Fix

I read an article about public education and as I contemplated the article I made some notes.  The problem with public education in Texas is not that we teach to the test.  Testing allows us to rate schools and hold administrators accountable.  As a politician I learned that people want accountability of their schools.  Testing and accountability go hand in hand, side by side.  Dallas ISD is going through a rigmarole right now looking for the perfect superintendent, the Real Superman.  And let us not kid ourselves, Dallas is looking for Superman.  Once located, that Superman is going to be paid a good bundle of money to produce results.  That Superman is going to have one mandate – improve test scores.  Guess what the marching orders to the principals and staff is going to be?  The staff will look under every rock for a program that guarantees improved test scores.  Principals will have to implement whatever program is bought and whatever they find on their own.  All these programs will have one objective in common, improve test scores.  Testing was not intended to give birth to a test culture, the test culture evolved from the demand placed on superintendents to improve test scores.  There is only one measure used to hold superintendents accountable, test scores.  The job security of all administrators is based on test results.  There may be other factors that are cursorily considered, but their importance is miniscule compared to test results.  I believe that the state has a vested interest in knowing how well our children are being taught therefore testing should be a viable tool to assess performance.  The food chain would look something like this; legislature, school board, superintendent, staff, principals, teachers, students.  Theoretically, the community would be the legislature.  Once report cards are issued to superintendents, report cards are passed down to the principal and then the teacher.  Some superintendents began competing against other school districts to be the best. That is probably how test culture originated, but then it is just a guess.  Job security probably has a lot more to do with test culture than anything else.  If you are at the top of the food chain and get fired, there are not those many places to go for a job. The real question is “how can you have accountability without creating a test culture?” 

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May be best man/woman win

The primaries are underway and from these events will emerge one man or woman to go forward to the general election.  As we proceed we must remember that ultimately, we want to rebuild the Democratic Party.  That rebuilding can only occur if those who are elected take an active interest in helping those who are trying to get elected.  Rebulding the party is going to start from the ground up, or as we call it “grassroots”. 

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Let Freedom Ring

Best advice I can give to the TDP.  Let Freedom Ring, let people decide, get the heck out of the way.  you have tried too long to manipulate the will of the people it is time to let go.  You have created a party with a loser mentality, that the only way to win an election is to create minority districts.  Then elect non-minorities.  Where is the American fighting spirit? 

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Phantom Media

Of course, the RWTH (right wing talking heads) have done a great job of destroying the liberal media.  Every communication media out there, radio, TV, newspapers, they are all labeled as “liberal” by the RWTH. Frequently I observe bumper stickers denigrating the liberal media.  Liberal and Conservative are no longer equal, one is good and one is evil.  I love to see an occasional sticker that boldly states “proud liberal”.

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Money Talks

If you read my previous posts you will read about Right Wing Talk Show Talking Heads (RWTSTH).  I explained that they are entertainers.  Their sponsors pay them based on how successfuly they are at marketing their sponsor.  You saw where Limbaugh apoogized to the young lady for some improper remarks he made.  This apology was driven by the sponsors.  These entertainers are very successfuly at swaying peoples feelings politically, but they are still entertainers.  So.  Tired of RWTSTH?  Don’t buy the products.


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As I See It

Let’s say that a certain NFL team decided they were going to crown themselves Super Bowl Champions.  To do this and appear legitimate, they divided the team in half, had a scrimmage and declared the winner “Super Bowl Champ.”  Minority districts are that way.  Once upon a time, they might have made moral sense.  Today, the districts are manipulated to benefit a specific person or party and not necessarily the people in a district.  In this situation you are going to have “Ins” and “Outs” in a district. Some people are going to be “In” and some are going to be “Out”.  Who you send to Austin or Washington is going to determine the quality of legislation.  Too much time has been spent on issues that are irrelevant to the economic prosperity of America.  No one can change Washington, or Austin.  What you can change is who represents you in these places.  When you do that, you will have changed Washington and Austin. 

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