Day 5 Final day: Head’em of the pass!!!!

Meetings, conference calls, warnings, take evasive action!

Recent developments in the political realm sound like something out of an apocalyptic movie. It is entertaining, to say the least. Seriously folks, at this point, no experience, or years of experience matters little if the only objective for Nov. 2010 is to improve the numbers, which is the only real message the establishment seems to be conveying. 

The people have a different message. “We cannot afford to wait any longer! We need change and we need it now!”  Ya es bastante! It is time! Es tiempo!  

Fellow Democrats, if you are interested in winning Nov. 2010 then you need Felix Alvarado…NOW!  We cannot wait any longer for change. We cannot afford to wait four years, much less eight years for the time to be right.  Data cannot replace the driving force. Canned speeches, rhetoric, no passion… just going through the motions of playing the game, wooing certain individuals and no vision, this folks is “politics as usual.”

As the filing date approaches, diversity on the ballot now becomes an issue and the task of finding suitable opponents to challenge the GOP,  up and down the ballot, has become a matter of urgency. Since we started this campaign some critics have insinuated that as a Hispanic candidate, Felix could win the primary with the surname, alone.  We did not and do not accept that assessment, and certainly do not support the notion of recruiting Hispanic candidates simply to fluff the ballot, no more than we support clearing the slate for a particular candidate.

Felix is running because he knows he can do better for the people of Texas than Perry. He is running because he knows he can tackle the issues. In our travels, people were quite adamant in their support for Hispanic candidates, however, the motivation to support is not solely based on surname, but on whether or not they can trust the Hispanic candidate to do better for the people than Perry, and unfortunately, for many potential candidates, their reputation precedes them.

Come on folks. Texas is a big state. Geographically, the needs are quite different, but the entire state is being affected in some form by our current situation.

We are all concerned. We are all critics and we all have a voice, but our voice is too often ignored and drowned out by the noise of the political machine that purports to work in the best interest of the people, yet often works against the people. 

I have seen the remarks …current Democratic candidates do not appeal to the base. Democrats do not have any strong candidates on the ticket. None have  name recognition. They don’t have any money, or can’t raise any money.  The Dems are not controversial. No one paints a pretty picture of Democrats, much less Democrats. There are too many critics and too many cynics.

Experience matters, money matters, but what matters most is the genuine concern for improving the quality of life for all Texans. March 2, Texans will vote for the candidate they feel will make the best governor… if elected in November. So, March 2, 7:01 p.m. maybe sooner,  the winner of the Democratic Primary will need support from all Democrats, because he or she will still need to face the real enemy in November.

If any voter is interested in joining a winning campaign that is for real change…email me.

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Interesting article…

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Day 4 The heart of the lion…

As we continued our travels through south Texas, the feedback has remained consistent from day one. Democrats…people…voters…do not want to be led by the nose.  People are aware of recent political developments, yet they continue to demand change, and that is the pressing issue. The need for economic development and health care is urgent and people don’t want to and can’t wait another four to eight years for improvement. The message is as loud and clear today,  as it was in 2006. “We cannot afford to wait any longer.”

One gentleman put it like this…“We vote every time, and nothing changes. Why should we continue to vote, if that vote is not going to change anything!”  It’s time for change, but more than that we need someone who is actually going to do something to help us!  

There is only one winning strategy and that is to win in 2010. Simply priming for the chance of victory in 2012 or 2018 is unacceptable! 

This campaign is not taking anything or anyone for granted. If we can’t make it to every corner of the state, it will not be from lack of effort, or lack of desire.       

Listening to people talk about the state of our state, the urgency in addressing their needs, the lack of concern on the part of those who have had plenty of opportunity to make a difference and haven’t ..there is only one conclusion to make from their message.

Folks, it’s time to stop priming, and recruiting candidates and get to work on supporting candidates. Many of you may desire a candidate that is more politically savvy, but folks, if any individual would have had an ounce of genuine desire to step up to the plate and take on the GOP, he or she would have and should have taken that leap long before now. At this point, their dash into the governor’s race is at the summons of “someone” and only to improve the numbers for the possibility of a win in the distant future. Some people can’t wait that long!

The governor’s race has never been more entertaining…on both sides. People are joining the race and people are bowing out of the race. Yes, I’m in…no, I’m not. I am considering a run. We need him, we need her, she will be a good candidate, no, he will be a strong democrat, she will be a good choice, she keeps changing her mind, and he said he was not going to run, but now he will.

From the start, Felix has been serious about tackling the difficult issues that plague our great state. He committed to the people of Texas. He is willing to take on the challenge. He is not willing to wait for the perfect timing, the perfect election year, or the perfect candidate. We shouldn’t either.  

Tomorrow, we will wrap up our Thanksgiving Day-Goodwill Tour. It has been an interesting tour. We met with some incredible people, with incredible energy, and positive about the possibility of a Democratic win in 2010. It is clear that all of us have a winning strategy, but the only one that is going to work, is the one that includes Felix Alvarado as your Democratic candidate in March and Nov. 2010.

Day 3

Day 3 was spent with family giving thanks, reflecting on the privileges we enjoy as American citizens, but more so on the privilege, and the opportunity that ordinary citizens have on shaping government.

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Day of revelation!

As I keep saying…you can’t keep a good man down!

Day 2 has been extremely productive, indeed interesting and beyond energizing!!!  The people of Texas are talking. We stopped and visited with individuals in Laredo and a couple of other places…let me tell you folks… they have been ready and waiting for change, and this election cycle they are prepared to do what it takes to make that change happen!

Considering the events of the last 48 hours… somehow the number of candidates does not seem to be as concerning, as much as the selection of candidates lacking genuine concern for the needs of all Texans. This message has been and continues to be loud and clear! 

Let me tell you, when we started this campaign, we started with a simple plan and so far our plan has not failed. We are moving forward and are more than ready to face any challenger. There may yet be other candidates considering a gubernatorial run, but be assured that come Dec. we will be meeting in Austin to file for a place on the Democratic ballot, because the people of Texas are ready for change.  You are more than welcome to join us, but remember failure is not an option. Enough is enough! It is time!  I will post a few pics and video tomorrow…g’night!


Day 2…Jobs…Jobs…Jobs……………………Now!

Well, we are up and ready for day two of our Thanksgiving Day 🙂 Goodwill tour.  We will bring you updates as time allows.

Well, now with the possibility of Bill White joining the governor’s race… Texans can see where he stands on issues that affect them and Texans can continue the process of separating the wheat from the chaff.


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Day 1

The reception has been awesome!  We are pleased with the reception we received in the first two counties we visited today. We are looking forward to continuing our Thanksgiving Day-Goodwill tour tomorrow. We have met with loyal, dedicated, and hardworking Democrats that are passionate about their role in the democratic process.

This is great news, in spite of suggestions that all Democratic gubernatorial candidates drop out of the race and endorse one particular candidate. Well, no fear here. We are running a low-budget campaign, we are building name recognition, and with high hopes and expectations we put our faith in the democratic process and look forward to a challenging race in March. Awesome!!! See you back here tomorrow.

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Nice day for a drive…

Today, Felix will be taking a drive down to south Texas via Eagle Pass to Laredo. I will be posting updates to keep you informed of where we are. So keep checking back…

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No sooner one jumps in…one jumps out…grabs you go!

It is time!

Felix Alvarado remains steadfast in his run for governor. Unlike self-seeking politicians, whose only goal is to keep climbing the political ladder, and keeping their options open, yet never considering the needs of the people of Texas, Felix Alvarado has committed to bring real change, strong leadership, and vision for the future of Texas. He has not wavered. While some people continue their search for the perfect candidate, let’s be realistic there is no such thing. If such a person existed in our lifetime, we would not be in this situation.

The world was a different place, even thirty years ago and the politicians of yesterday had different world views. Some of those politicians passed on their world views to their offspring, and their effect still lingers not allowing Texas to rise above its circumstance. We need Felix Alvarado. He realizes that the Texas he grew up in – is not the Texas of today. We need someone with a clear perspective of where we’ve been and where we’re going. This is Felix Alvarado.

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Another Democratic Candidate!

This one has his own money! Well, regardless the real battle remains for Nov. 2, 2010.

There is only one Democratic candidate that stands a chance at defeating the GOP in November…and his name is Felix Alvarado!

Ya es bastante!

Vote! March 2, 2010 for Alvarado - It is time!!!

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