It’s all about values

During a very close game, where it was do or die, win or go home, a quarterback called a desperate play he dubbed the “Hail Mary Pass”.  The team won.

That is the story of the TDP the past few years, one Hail Mary Pass after another.  The TDP has not learned from professional football teams that develop game plans that the whole team gets tested on how well they learn the plans and then they practice until they can execute their plan better than the opposing team.  It works.  Those teams that go on the field disorganized, well, they get whoopped.  Organization starts at the top.  With the coach.  We Democrats cannot allow the TDP to continue down this road.  We have been there too many times, too often.  It is time for all Democrats to start calling for the TDP Chair to step down so the rebuilding can start.  The new beginning cannot start with old wine in old bottles.  All the groups inside the big tent must realize and understand that they cannot have the whole pie.  It is not about who owns the biggest slice of the pie but contributing the necessary ingredients (values) to make the pies.

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  1. Felix wine can go sour and TD’s have long left a sour taste in the mouths of Texas voters and nonvoters that includes Hispanics. You heard them down in south Texas…they could not have been any louder.
    It is my opinion that what the TDP needs is a new eye prescription. You know that people can wear old eye prescriptions until something prompts them to check their vision then when they get their new glasses, “wow, I can see!” are usually the first words out of their mouth…

    The Party needs leadership that can improve the vision of the party. Most candidates are spewing out the same old rhetoric that Texans have long ignored, but for whatever non logical reasoning, the Party seems to prefer candidates that are OK with that sort of thinking. The problem with that is that a new crop of politicians are being trained in like manner. There is that old wine creeping back again …just in time for the feast of failure….seems to be the SOP for TDP. They are not “in it to win it!”

  2. Felix, I need to add…I agree the TDP needs a new eye prescription. The rose colored glasses from which they still see their world have long since clouded their vision. So, until the status quo-Texas democrats remove those clouded lenses they will never see the world the way it really is… As a woman of Mexican ancestry, and a Christian I would never vote against the core of family values. I don’t know of any Hispanic that would. Tradition runs deep within the Hispanic roots. As you say, it is all about values and some of these so called democratic leaders are to busy trying to understand why Hispanics do not turn out to vote they miss the loud and clear message that is resonating from the polling places. We do not want crooked, lying politicians who are only concerned with their own agenda…in office. We need to get them out, not vote more in! The TDP seems to believe they know which candidates are best qualified, but the voters have said different. Which democrat can we trust? None of them! So why vote for any of them! Is that not the message we heard all through south Texas…?

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