Candidate qualifications…

There is much talk about running qualified candidates for elected office, especially statewide office. This election cycle has been plagued with articles quoting democratic officials about the need to have such individuals on the democratic ballot.  Well, I don’t know about anyone else, but so far, experience has left many Texans out in the cold. 

So, what does it take to run for elected office? There are many myths floating around about what attributes an individual has to possess (some are wishful) to run for elected office. One such attribute is…qualified and another is being well-funded…although well funded is more of a state. And of course, name recognition.

I’ve been reading here and there about different democratic groups searching hi n lo for the perfect democratic candidate to run for statewide office.  Perfect meaning well-qualified, and of course well-funded.  So the question is …what qualifications does a candidate need to possess to be a productive, effective, and efficient leader…a leader whose concern is the needs of the many…the people that is… rather than the needs of the few?  

First, we must define “qualified”…

High school diploma
Higher Education credentials
Years of Experience + 20 (type of experience)
Proven record of success
Do we allow for substitutions?

Then what is considered well-funded?
$70,000,000 is not enough for a democratic candidate.  

How long are we willing to wait to bring needed change to Austin?  We must elect a candidate that actually has the needs of the people as a priority. People we need a passion for change. 

It is rare when you find a candidate that actually has the needs of the people as his main priority. Career politicians do little to effect real change across the board. We need change, and we need it now!  We as the people, have to decide who will best serve our interests. 

Felix Alvarado for Texas Governor – because he is concerned about the issues that face us and he is willing to confront them and find resolve.

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