Sometimes percentages can be deceiving…

but…you can try to work them to your advantage. Now let’s talk about the governor’s race. When it comes to opponents, I find it difficult to swallow that anyone who wins a mayoral race with only 13.52% (123,413 total ballots/912,888 RV) of the population of registered voters voting … a popular or outstanding leader.  I would imagine a strong leader would excite the population into supporting his or her candidacy.  It is more the norm for mayors to get elected by a small percentage of the population, which is probably why they do not get elected statewide.  But, one would assume that a popular mayor would excite and encourage voter participation, rather than effect decline in voter participation, more so during reelection.  That seems to speak loudly about the strength of that support.

Happy New Year!!

Ended the year in Odessa, Texas. Met some great people. I am looking forward to a return trip, the next 60 days, and the Primaries. We will continue touring the state for the remaining weeks. There are still many places left to visit, but so far, the response has been awesome.  We will need plenty of help before the Primaries. So, if you have time, contact us.  Felix

Things get done when ordinary people do extraordinary things.

You can buy a campaign package and make it work for you, but a prepackaged candidate… I have my doubts.

It is beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

As Christmas day approaches, so does the anticipation of a new year and election time.  With Felix in the race, the only Hispanic gubernatorial candidate “so far” 2010 may be a history making year.  While strategists determine the best possible approach to defeat the Republicans, Felix is confident he can beat the Republicans with pure common sense.

People across the country are fascinated with Texas politics. Which Democrat will be able to beat the Republicans? Who will “they” be able to run against Perry that can guarantee victory? Although, pundits have already determined the winner of the governors’ race with pure speculation, you have to wonder on what they are basing their conclusion. The filing period has not ended yet.   If they are using polling information to make their assessments, the accuracy of any poll is always questionable. Folks, every day holds a potential for surprises! Keep an ear open! Felix is the only choice for November! He has not wavered in his committment to the governor’s race or to the people of Texas. With Felix, we can have victory in November.

“Never let the fear of striking out get in your way.” Babe Ruth
We can’t ignore the shenanigans this election cycle. We stepped back in time 50 years. Seriously folks, we need to get back to the future.

No cheap shots here…

Politics is dirty business…that’s “politics as usual.” The Alvarado campaign is not into “politics as usual” and will not resort to rhetorical tactics to win in 2010.  

We cannot deny the fact that some people are still waiting for a winning candidate, but we accept it.   We are also aware that many Texans have yet to give serious thought to the governor’s race, much less recognize who is running for governor, with the exception of Perry and Hutchinson.  We are working diligently at reaching as many people as humanly possible, with available resources, with dignity and resolve to pass on our message of hope.

Felix Alvarado is in this race to win.  In our travels, the message has been loud and clear…things need to change.  Felix Alvarado is about bringing real change to Texas government.

The real battle, and the only one that matters is set for Nov.2, 2010. People are ready for change. Whether or not that change will take place in 2010 is yet to be known. Our goal, is to make sure it does happen.

Every voter has but one vote to cast.  Before casting your vote, answer this question. Right now, what does your future look like?

Talk is cheap!

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A few notes

I just updated the website. Check it out.

This weekend was pretty amazing! Felix visited with the Democratic club members in Madisonville at their annual Poor Man’s Dinner event. It was a great turnout and Felix left there charged and ready for the challenge ahead.

I accompanied him to the Tejano Democratic Convention and to temple where we visited with some wonderful, wonderful, inspiring people and ate some delicious food.  

The responses were positive. People are ready for change. Unfortunately, we could not avoid the chisme – so I want to rid the thought from everyone’s mind that Felix would consider dropping out of the race.  He is in for the long haul.

Any candidate that runs for statewide office has to walk, jump or swim into the race with eyes wide opened. Let’s face it, any Texas Democrat will find it difficult to get elected statewide. 

However, we are running on a positive note and that is – we can elect a Democratic governor in 2010!

One last note, we will be introducing our A-Team Advocates on Oct. 1, 2009.

The lessons we’ve learned are recorded  at

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