Let’s get real!

The only candidate that stands a chance at defeating the Republican opponent… is Felix Rodriguez Alvarado. Perry is to powerful, even though many of his followers have become dissatisfied with his performance… to say the least. KBH has not fared any better at keeping her followers from shifting camps, but let’s get real… Texans are ready for some real change in Austin.

Felix represents that change.  We cannot wait until 2022 for another opportunity…the time is now to elect someone who can give the GOP a real challenge.  We need Felix because he represents a real threat to the status quo culture.

We can’t deny, the status quo politicians have done a great job at maintaining the livelihood of big business supporters, and their own pockets.  Our education failures which are too long to list, lack of affordable health care, high uninsured rates, high poverty rates, high unemployment and a struggling economy, to name a few issues are proof that the status quo need to go. Living in the 12th largest economy does not matter to the man or woman who can’t find a job. The Hispanic vote means little if the Hispanic population will not gain anything from supporting the same-old status quo politician. The white vote means little if the population will not gain from supporting the same-old status quo politician.

Texans need a reason to vote. Texans need someone who will protect their interests.

Too Little, Too Late

After years of being in control, the Republicans have had many opportunities to develop a health care plan for all America.  Now…they are being what they often accuse the Democrats of … obstructionists.  There is a place on the table for Republican ideas and they should express them loudly.  We need a health care plan that is affordable, accessible  and transportable.  I urge all congressional representatives to join the debate and develop a plan that fits all Texans and the Texas economy.

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