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He is not the chosen one, but he is the only real choice…Felix Alvarado.

Felix has not diverted from the issues that remain problematic for most Texans.  We have witnessed our elected leaders rush to helm to fix certain issues before re-election. We have witnessed candidates stepping aside to let the chosen king pass.  We have witnessed more ills in our democratic process than we care for, and we call it “politics as usual.”  Yes, there are many issues facing various demographic groups and all are equally important, but their effect varies. That does not mean they should be ignored only that as Texans we have to concede that educating our children, our livelihood and our physical well-being must take priority.  I heard these issues referred to as bread and butter issues, well that may be so, but they too are socially divisive.  At this juncture this is what troubles Texans.

Funding education, how? We do not want a state tax! Anyone remember the Robin Hood plan? People recite the problem with fancy statistical data, but come on, we all know the problem.  The real challenge is coming up with a workable solution that will produce the desired results.

Providing equal and affordable health care access to all Texans is  needed, but defining the limits has been quite divisive. To make it worse, we have worked against ourselves.

Jobs, jobs, jobs…and still we need more jobs. We like to boast about the living in the 12th largest economy, but frankly it is not much to boast about unless you are on the receiving end.

So far, Felix has offered an immediate-short-term solution, with long-range planning. He has not had to spin someone else’s work and then call it his own.

My Fellow Democrats, I invite you to come out and meet Felix Alvarado at one of our meet and greet’s.

With deep south Texas roots, humble beginnings unequaled, yet climbed all the way to the top of the enlisted ranks in the military, being born and raised poor did not dissuade Felix from obtaining higher education. A true Tejano, a Texan, and a proud American, neither lack of funding nor political experience will dissuade Felix from taking a stand for the people of Texas. In 2010, the Governor’s mansion may finally board a true Tejano. Tell your friends, bring a friend, but don’t stay home and miss this opportunity to meet the next, first Hispanic Governor of  Texas.

Please call Herbert Lacy for ticket information at 210-216-6669.


Felix Alvarado on Education

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Latino candidates awaiting right time

This article appeared on  I found this assessment quite interesting.

“The demographics just aren’t there yet — only 37 percent of Texans are Latino. To win, a Latino candidate will need a large war chest, strong cross-over appeal among Anglos and a statewide network.

In some ways, 2010 is an annunciation year for the new generation of Latino leaders in San Antonio — they hear the call but are waiting for the right moment. Many, including state Rep. Mike Villarreal, the Castro twins — particularly state Rep. Joaquin Castro — were lobbied to run but decided to sit tight.

Right now, Texas does not look like it’s racing into a new future. But change is coming. By 2020, the Democratic Party’s strong Latino farm team — most of them with headquarters in San Antonio — will be ready for statewide play.”

I personally find it quite insulting. As a Latina I can pretty much decide who I want to support in a political race. I would support a Hispanic candidate, with or without a war chest, just as I would support any candidate of any race or ethnicity that could convince me they could do a better job at running state government and that they have a grasp on the issues at hand.

It  is quite disappointing to read that our current Hispanic leaders do not have the fortitude to run for office, especially if they believe they could do a better job for the people of Texas and in what capacity. If they don’t that’s fine, but we should not be out there recruiting candidates simply because of their race/ethnicity to bring out the Hispanic vote.

Felix knows he can do better for the people of Texas. He does not need a general consensus to convince him that he should run.  He does not need a clear slate. The whole purpose of elections is for the people to vote for the best candidate.

Our seniors, our children, our Veterans and every Texan out there affected by our current situation cannot wait until 2020 for real change to come to Texas. Felix has said over and over again. We need to prepare all Texans to compete in a global economy. We need a leader with vision, with leadership abilities, someone that is concerned for the needs of Texans today, not 4 to 1o years from now.  We need a leader that can stand on his own two feet. We need someone who can reach people and not just elected officials.

We have a farm breeding Latino politicians?

Latino candidates awaiting right time

Sometimes percentages can be deceiving…

but…you can try to work them to your advantage. Now let’s talk about the governor’s race. When it comes to opponents, I find it difficult to swallow that anyone who wins a mayoral race with only 13.52% (123,413 total ballots/912,888 RV) of the population of registered voters voting … a popular or outstanding leader.  I would imagine a strong leader would excite the population into supporting his or her candidacy.  It is more the norm for mayors to get elected by a small percentage of the population, which is probably why they do not get elected statewide.  But, one would assume that a popular mayor would excite and encourage voter participation, rather than effect decline in voter participation, more so during reelection.  That seems to speak loudly about the strength of that support.

Happy New Year!!

Ended the year in Odessa, Texas. Met some great people. I am looking forward to a return trip, the next 60 days, and the Primaries. We will continue touring the state for the remaining weeks. There are still many places left to visit, but so far, the response has been awesome.  We will need plenty of help before the Primaries. So, if you have time, contact us.  Felix

Things get done when ordinary people do extraordinary things.

You can buy a campaign package and make it work for you, but a prepackaged candidate… I have my doubts.

Democracy Trumped & Trampled


Fort Worth, TX, Dec. 31, 2009:  Felix Alvarado has focused on bringing leadership and vision to Texas, on creating jobs, and addressing the educational and health care needs of all Texans.  A rare quality in today’s political landscape that makes Felix uniquely qualified to serve as governor of the state of Texas.

The values I learned in my 28 year military career shape my life today.  First, I learned that, as Americans, we have an obligation to serve God and Country.  Like most of us who placed our lives on the line for our country, I did this voluntarily. 

I served to protect and defend everyone’s right to do exactly what I am doing right now; to participate in the democratic process.  I would never deny anyone this constitutional right, but would instead encourage everyone to participate. 

 I hope that everyone who reads this article is as outraged as I have been, at the suggestion that all candidates remove their name from the ballot, so that one person can become the anointed candidate.  Yes, an anointed candidate, because he has yet to prove his leadership skills outside his circle of acquaintances.  We have elected other anointed candidates, and all have failed miserably to accomplish their prime objective. Words cannot explain the disgust that I feel.  What is even more disgusting is that responsible people, those who consider themselves leaders, put the mandate of the party above the needs of the people they represent.  This is utterly disgusting. This is, however, politics as usual.

Further, I cannot express how offensive I find the allusion that the only reason why I am seeking to be Governor of our Great State of Texas, is because I am Hispanic.  I heard these same snide remarks in the military, because I was achieving rank that few minorities attained. I had a record of accomplishment in the military, as I have a record of accomplishment today. That is why I was promoted in the military and that is what I carry into the campaign, a lifetime of accomplishment.

I am running because I know I can do better for the working-class, for our Seniors who labored throughout their lives, for our Texas Warriors who risked their lives in the combat fields and now feel abandoned by our government, having to travel several hundred miles to obtain the VA medical care which their service-related wounds and illnesses require.   Our Veterans deserve better care from our State and Federal governments.  As a combat Veteran, I know what they are encountering – and will fight to help them.

I am proud to be an American of Hispanic heritage. I need your help to bring real change to government and I am confident that together we can win.

Felix Alvarado for Texas Governor
USAF Retired Vietnam Veteran


Let’s get real!

The only candidate that stands a chance at defeating the Republican opponent… is Felix Rodriguez Alvarado. Perry is to powerful, even though many of his followers have become dissatisfied with his performance… to say the least. KBH has not fared any better at keeping her followers from shifting camps, but let’s get real… Texans are ready for some real change in Austin.

Felix represents that change.  We cannot wait until 2022 for another opportunity…the time is now to elect someone who can give the GOP a real challenge.  We need Felix because he represents a real threat to the status quo culture.

We can’t deny, the status quo politicians have done a great job at maintaining the livelihood of big business supporters, and their own pockets.  Our education failures which are too long to list, lack of affordable health care, high uninsured rates, high poverty rates, high unemployment and a struggling economy, to name a few issues are proof that the status quo need to go. Living in the 12th largest economy does not matter to the man or woman who can’t find a job. The Hispanic vote means little if the Hispanic population will not gain anything from supporting the same-old status quo politician. The white vote means little if the population will not gain from supporting the same-old status quo politician.

Texans need a reason to vote. Texans need someone who will protect their interests.

It is beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

As Christmas day approaches, so does the anticipation of a new year and election time.  With Felix in the race, the only Hispanic gubernatorial candidate “so far” 2010 may be a history making year.  While strategists determine the best possible approach to defeat the Republicans, Felix is confident he can beat the Republicans with pure common sense.

People across the country are fascinated with Texas politics. Which Democrat will be able to beat the Republicans? Who will “they” be able to run against Perry that can guarantee victory? Although, pundits have already determined the winner of the governors’ race with pure speculation, you have to wonder on what they are basing their conclusion. The filing period has not ended yet.   If they are using polling information to make their assessments, the accuracy of any poll is always questionable. Folks, every day holds a potential for surprises! Keep an ear open! Felix is the only choice for November! He has not wavered in his committment to the governor’s race or to the people of Texas. With Felix, we can have victory in November.

“Never let the fear of striking out get in your way.” Babe Ruth
We can’t ignore the shenanigans this election cycle. We stepped back in time 50 years. Seriously folks, we need to get back to the future.

A novelty candidate!


Seems Felix has just been tagged a novelty candidate.  Well, all I can say is…no one attempted to clear the path for him to run unopposed, (the audacity of interfering with the democratic process, but that seems to be politics as usual). Being Hispanic, naturally most people would believe, or predict the surname can win Felix, or any Hispanic the Primary.  Need I say…I’m rooting for the Hispanic candidate. Anyway, the feedback so far is very positive, not because Felix is Hispanic, but because he offers viable solutions to the issues we currently face, and that resonates with many people.   

As of, Dec. 7, 2009 Felix is an official candidate for Texas Governor. We handed a cashier’s check to the TDP rep. see below!!! I knew the check thing from 2006 would be the first thing the media and others would bring up.  I am also sure that some people will spin the check thing for the duration of the election cycle…they like riding dead horses, and clicking on links, still Felix will continue to reach out to all Texans and share his plans for Texas.  

This one will not bounce!!!

With only 84 days before the Primary there is still much work to be done!

There is no rest for the Democrat that want’s to be Texas Governor.
more later…
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Day 5 Final day: Head’em of the pass!!!!

Meetings, conference calls, warnings, take evasive action!

Recent developments in the political realm sound like something out of an apocalyptic movie. It is entertaining, to say the least. Seriously folks, at this point, no experience, or years of experience matters little if the only objective for Nov. 2010 is to improve the numbers, which is the only real message the establishment seems to be conveying. 

The people have a different message. “We cannot afford to wait any longer! We need change and we need it now!”  Ya es bastante! It is time! Es tiempo!  

Fellow Democrats, if you are interested in winning Nov. 2010 then you need Felix Alvarado…NOW!  We cannot wait any longer for change. We cannot afford to wait four years, much less eight years for the time to be right.  Data cannot replace the driving force. Canned speeches, rhetoric, no passion… just going through the motions of playing the game, wooing certain individuals and no vision, this folks is “politics as usual.”

As the filing date approaches, diversity on the ballot now becomes an issue and the task of finding suitable opponents to challenge the GOP,  up and down the ballot, has become a matter of urgency. Since we started this campaign some critics have insinuated that as a Hispanic candidate, Felix could win the primary with the surname, alone.  We did not and do not accept that assessment, and certainly do not support the notion of recruiting Hispanic candidates simply to fluff the ballot, no more than we support clearing the slate for a particular candidate.

Felix is running because he knows he can do better for the people of Texas than Perry. He is running because he knows he can tackle the issues. In our travels, people were quite adamant in their support for Hispanic candidates, however, the motivation to support is not solely based on surname, but on whether or not they can trust the Hispanic candidate to do better for the people than Perry, and unfortunately, for many potential candidates, their reputation precedes them.

Come on folks. Texas is a big state. Geographically, the needs are quite different, but the entire state is being affected in some form by our current situation.

We are all concerned. We are all critics and we all have a voice, but our voice is too often ignored and drowned out by the noise of the political machine that purports to work in the best interest of the people, yet often works against the people. 

I have seen the remarks …current Democratic candidates do not appeal to the base. Democrats do not have any strong candidates on the ticket. None have  name recognition. They don’t have any money, or can’t raise any money.  The Dems are not controversial. No one paints a pretty picture of Democrats, much less Democrats. There are too many critics and too many cynics.

Experience matters, money matters, but what matters most is the genuine concern for improving the quality of life for all Texans. March 2, Texans will vote for the candidate they feel will make the best governor… if elected in November. So, March 2, 7:01 p.m. maybe sooner,  the winner of the Democratic Primary will need support from all Democrats, because he or she will still need to face the real enemy in November.

If any voter is interested in joining a winning campaign that is for real change…email me.

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