It’s all about values

I heard it again today.  The revised budget shortfall is now $15 billion down from $27 billion.  It looks like the budget shortfall suffers from the same malady as  the TAKS results, a floating decimal.  Where is the ax going to fall first?  Second?  Third?  Please, no more tax increases on beer and tobacco products.

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It’s all about values

I listened to right-wing radio talk shows (RWTS) today.  I listened as they blamed mainstream media, liberal Democrats and “they” for the accusation that inflammatory RWTS’s were responsible for the killings in Arizona.  The self-defense talk was non-stop all day.  Of course, RWTS had plenty of ammunition to show that Democrats had engaged in similar tactics in the past.  Nevertheless, it is time to put this in proper perspective .  First, there is no mainstream media.  It is merely a figmentation of the RWTS imagination.  Second, there is definitely no left-wing mainstream media, written or otherwise. It too is a figmentation of the RWTS mind.  I heard a lot of mention of “they” as if  “they” existed.  It sure did seem like the more people who called in to defend RWTS the more commercials they played.  RWTS people will say they are not politicians, that they are “entertainers”.  Well, entertainers make money by selling the product of their sponsor.  The reason this topic has gone on so long is that the sponsors are reeling in the money.  Finally, when RWTS people extol the virtues of conservatism and Republicanism while demonizing liberals and Democrats – that is politics.  RWTS like to believe that their words are neutral, however, there are two quotes that apply here; “sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me” and “words are like weapons they hurt sometimes.”  I always tell my students “you cannot have an intelligent conversation with a parrot.”

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Fidel Acevedo Running For Texas Democratic Party Chair

Fidel Acevedo Running For Texas Democratic Party Chair – Texas Democrats , Texas Democratic Party, Progressive Hispanics.

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It’s all about values

I spent the weekend listening and watching the events in Arizona wondering how something like this could ever happen in this great country that I love so much.  The Oklahoma bombing was senseless, as was the vicious attack on the World Trade Center, then the bloody rampage at Fort Hood.  All of these events were insane, and now another senseless killing in Arizona.  More innocent lives lost.  The distance between sanity and insanity is a thin red line and no one knows what is going to cause a person to snap.  Today, I heard right-wing radio defending itself as the perpetrators used the old quote, “guns don’t kill people, people kill people.”  Of course they are right and to say that right-wing talk shows are the cause is absolutely wrong.  As I have said before, right-wing talk show people smile all the way to the bank.  The question is, did right-wing talk show radio cause this young man to snap?  We may never know. 

Folks, it is time for right-wing radio to take responsibility for the polarization of politics in America.  Even today I kept hearing of the evil liberals.  Somehow, right-wing talk show people believe liberals have an agenda that is a clear and present danger to conservatism in America. Right-wing talk show people have spewed this rhetoric for years.  However, you say this enough times and before too long, people are going to believe it.   Right-wing talk show people are excellent communicators.  I heard the denials and of course, they deny, deny, deny.  For the love of God, I believe that it is time for both political parties to sit down and talk, be human and civilized.  Let’s put a stop to this insanity.  For us, it means not buying the products that keep right-wing talk show people in control of the airwaves.   

My condolences to all the victims in Arizona.  Keep the faith.  Trust in God and please trust in the USA.

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It’s all about values

The final numbers were released today.  The state is $27 billion in the hole.  I heard it today; a Republican saying cut things, a Democrat saying increase taxes or fees.  Score a +3 for the Republican and a -10 for the Democrat.  There is a strong TEA party in Texas and we all know what the T stands for.  So a word of advice to all elected Democrats, please do not mention taxes at all.  It is like this – the ball is in the other party’s court – let them play, observe, listen, say nothing.  The game is called politics and like football the objective is to win, not at all costs, but to win.  To win, you must have a strategy.  Elected Democrats answer this: Who is going to do the play-calling?

Wait folks! Felix is the only candidate with a plan!


Yes, Felix is the only candidate with a plan to address the critical issues facing us… a daunting task even for the current leadership that have consistently fallen short and to date fail to rise to the occasion…  All we have to do is turn around to see the failures of our current leadership. Nowhere is it more visible than in south Texas. We did not make it to the bottom by sheer luck. It took years of hard work, and neglect to get here. There is plenty of blame to go around.

“The general tendency of things throughout the world is to render mediocrity the ascendant power among mankind.  Author: John Stuart Mill”

While the anointed and the millionaire have been filling the airwaves with empty rhetoric, empty punches and receiving their due reward, Felix has been steadfast at presenting solutions.

While the establishment rule has worked diligently at promoting their worn out strategies to elect “one of their own” Felix has impressed upon us all that we, the people are highly capable of choosing our own leaders.

Felix presents solutions for education from the heart of the problem. He did not gain insight into the problems in the classroom from any secondary source.

Felix is close to the working men and women who struggle to maintain a remnant of the American dream.

Felix knows the ills that plague our health care system, our military veterans and our seniors.

Someone once said that “Mediocrity requires aloofness to preserve its dignity (author: Charles G. Dawes).” Well, mediocrity is not what we need in Austin. We need someone who offers workable solutions. The old phrase “Where’s the beef?” describes the platforms of the only two candidates that merit any attention from the democratic establishment.

We do not need someone who can pay off for not delivering on a promise. We do not need another mediocre leader in Austin whose campaign tactics take us back fifty years. We do not need a leader in Austin who has to be seduced to lead, or who bows to the demands of deep pockets.

 We need someone with actual leadership skills. We need someone committed to the people and who will diligently pursue, and put into action solutions to our current problems. That candidate is Felix Alvarado.

He has proven himself steadfast and committed to presenting real solutions to real problems, while the anointed and the millionaire have been diligent at promoting the status quo.

March 2, 2010 Texans will have a choice… Keep with indifference or make a difference!  

 The only real choice is Felix Alvarado.

The Primaries…

are bloody Felix likes to note. The White Sham scam is buying up air time to spread their agenda, force feeding it to Texans and it’s considered newsworthy. I said their agenda, because their want to be governor has little to do with addressing the needs of Texans.

Running for office, raising money is all well and good, but we already have plenty of career politicians that do that quite well, and well…let’s face it…how well has that worked for the people of Texas? We’ve had Texas millionaires run this state. How has that work out for Texans?

I find it interesting to note how many candidates, especially those that are part of the political elite identify with the common people, when they are so far removed from the struggles of ordinary citizens.  We…we…we…turn that w upside down and the truth is revealed. Career politicians stay focused on the “me” lane. If one race falls through…there is always another one to pursue.

Texas is long over due for a leader with vision and direction that will address the needs of all Texans. Texans need a leader who can say what he can and will do, and then do it. Texans deserve a leader who can stand on his own merit.  Look around this state, and you will see that few politicians have little reason for boasting about their political records. As Texans we need to hold all our elected officials accountable for our current situation. We need someone in Austin who has not been bought out by big money.  We need someone who can be objective and efficient. We need a leader that can stand strong against the status quo.  We need to remember that the status quo mission is to support a system that favors a particular group of people. It is does not identify with any particular party.

Not all Texans are struggling during this economic downturn. Not all children attend substandard public schools. Many Texans are covered by affordable health care plans. For these Texans, the level of concern, and the reason for concern over these issues may be vastly different, but this is where we need a leader that can stand strong against the status quo that merely seeks to pursue the interested of a few.

We need some different. We don’t need the stereotypical politician.

We need someone who can identify with the people of Texas! We need Felix Rodriguez Alvarado!

more later…

Lubbock Democratic Candidates Banquet

I was so impressed and proud of the Lubbock Democrats that arranged the event last night.  They are the Democratic group that make me proud of being a Democrat.  I am sure that those who attended would agree.  I understand that the event was completely sold out with people waiting hopelessly for tickets.  Clearly, the candidates did not disappoint.  This is the kind of enthusiasm we need all over Texas. This is the level to which every one who calls himself a Democrat should rise….

My special message for the South Texan Democrat that suggested that all politicians unite behind one candidate…”You should have been present at last night’s event.”  This is a Democratic primary and Democrats should decide whom they want to challenge the Republican winner.  This primary contest is not fought in the middle, it is fought on the left and the right. “This is a fight!” said one gentleman.

After Lubbock, I headed on to Knox City.  As I was enjoying breakfast at a local restaurant I took the opportunity to speak with some clients about what three issues were most important to them.  Their response… jobs, education and health care.

From the beginning, my campaign has focused on creating jobs, immediately and long range planning for jobs that cannot be outsourced.   We continue on that path.  This campaign is not about rhetoric.  It is about action.

I will be speaking in Knox City at today at 2:30 p.m.,-99.815545&num=1&t=h&sll=33.415058,-99.815603&sspn=0.006295,0.006295&ie=UTF8&ll=33.420822,-99.815587&spn=0.003045,0.004812&z=18&iwloc=near

More later…….. Felix

I get the message folks. This is a fight. The Primaries is where we choose our David. With a sling-shot and a stone…we can be victorious in November.

Debate anyone??-$$

If you recall,

I posted on Jan 7 that there would no gubernatorial debates before the primaries.  That remains true. The person who called to cancel the original arrangements for the end of Jan. (it was initially sent out as a candidate forum) did share with me that they had tried for weeks to coordinate a debate with no success, because the White campaign refused. They, whoever does the arrangements for the campaign told this other coördinator that their candidate would not be participating in any debates.

I was waiting for the chosen campaign to come back with “we never said that” it is the only way to “save face” this far into the race. It is convenient though.  

The thing is our campaign staff is small, so when you call in…you speak to me and I act on the request at hand.  I pass on information to this blog…if I find it relevant to our campaign. We are directing our campaign. It is not been directed by any outside forces. We are the people who are compelled to bring real change, something different from what we already have.


The rational broadcasting radio show had the anointed one on yesterday’s show. A supporter who happened to be listening in called me up to share some of what the chosen one had to say about his opponents. The supporter found it quite disturbing that this guy would completely dismiss the other gubernatorial candidates, including Shami who is paying for his own campaign, as is Felix. He is just on a way smaller budget.

Anyway, I don’t know how many people listened to the anointed one’s interview yesterday on this show, but his comments about the other candidates were quite offensive to our supporters. I cannot speak for anyone else’s. First, when asked about the other candidates, he responded with “well, I am told there are five or six candidates also running…I guess the filing fee is too low.” When he was informed that listeners found the comment offensive, he responded with “I guess those people….need to get a life.” Now mind you I was not listening to the show, but this  listener called me up… angered by the comments the anointed one made.  I see an immediate need for an apology to the listeners that were tuned into that program (or can we file this under politics as usual).  

Either way, the word arrogance came to mind. And this is the candidate that wants to lead Texas? This is the candidate who has a loyal following of our elected officials. Where is his concern for the people of Texas? 

The people are the biggest concern at the moment. It is the people that he has offended that are struggling with the state of the economy, with the inadequacies in education, and with the lack of affordable and accessible health care. This guy is dismissing people (voters) and he has yet to make it past March 2. Will he so easily dismiss the needs of Texans? To whom does he owe allegience?

Debate…bring it on!

Debate…yes, Felix will debate with all the candidates.  I don’t know who this guy thinks he is that he gets to set the rules for any debate? Here are our rules.

Rule 1: All the candidates are to be invited. Participation is voluntary.

Rule 2: Only a neutral organization that will not endorse any candidate, and is not a PAC  may organize the debate.

Rule 3: The debate must be held in a rural area.

Who does the chosen one think he is… trampling over the democratic process?  As an attorney did he not learn that we live in a democracy? If I were him, I would not want to debate anyone either. I would not want to embarrass myself.  He confronts Perry, as if Perry is his only opponent. He has yet to win the Primary.  He’s not even sure how many democratic opponents he is facing.  

It is a good thing this poll was released today. 

The poll released today by Rasmussen (not surprising at all)  shows the anointed one maybe able to beat Debra Medina in November; if she can beat Perry/Hutchinson (no disrespect to Mrs. Medina-she has loyal supporters).  There are 42 days left until the March 2 primary. Why is the anointed just now presenting his campaign theme (platform)? Is this the time when voters…have to take it or leave it because he is the only choice?

Perhaps the chosen one does not want his opponents to get free airtime.  That is probably true, but I prefer to believe that he does not want his opponents to upstage him because he knows any one of them probably will… He has not done any serious campaigning, outside of a room full of elected officials.

At this point, many Democrats will consider voting Republican. Before you take that step, I ask you to consider Felix. Felix has been committed to this race and to the people of Texas.

More later…

Hardly a critical analysis…

For facts on Felix we always refer readers to our website or to the blog.

If you read the article linked I present a better view of Felix.

FACT: When Schieffer withdraw from the race, because he realized he was going no where..he suggested other candidates do the same and support his chosen candidate, one who had repeatedly denied he was not going to switch races, and one who he felt could get democrats motivated.  Did anyone listen to rationalbroadcasting this morning?

FACT:  The TDP Chair, during a closed door meeting with the declared gubernatorial candidates suggested that they consider races down ballot races to eliminate the glut at the governor level. Several (meaning more than two) news sources reported much the same…along with Schieffer’s comment. Two of the then candidates actually took the advise and moved down ballot, both citing their rational for the decision. Stay tuned for the making of a king….

The whole “who’s is and who’s out” well…we all read, wrote and shared. Do a Google search…there is plenty of info…

FACT: Felix was a Democratic  candidate for Congress twice (not several as in more than two). For ease of intellectual research here are the numbers:

District 6 100% U.S.
2002 – General Election – 27.67%

Democratic nominee
2004 – 100% U.S. Representative District 12
2004 – General Election – 27.68

FACT:  The Houston Chronicle reporter posed as a member of the media wanting to host a fundraiser, to get our attention.  Our  website  does direct the media to check out the blog for responses of any sort for breaking news and such.

Most reporters have been able to reach us by phone.  There is a number on the contact page and a link to our email, so you don’t have to use the contact form.

BTW: I do give out Felix’s cell number to reporters requesting phone interviews.

We are approaching the Primaries rather quickly. Voters need candidate information and not poorly framed opinions, although the latter is usually what is conveyed. The democratic process has been trampled beyond recognition, but this campaign and this election nevertheless proceeds.  The relationship we have with critics is one of love/hate. The only problem is that critics keep us from watching good movies.

Voters will follow their usual path and others will make the best choice from the list of candidates who stood up for the people of the Texas when the subjective – so-called – well-qualified democrat chose to stand down in 2010 and do nothing. For many voters that choice will be Felix Rodriguez Alvarado.

He stands for the people of Texas and not for the sake of politics as usual.

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