Day 5 Final day: Head’em of the pass!!!!

Meetings, conference calls, warnings, take evasive action!

Recent developments in the political realm sound like something out of an apocalyptic movie. It is entertaining, to say the least. Seriously folks, at this point, no experience, or years of experience matters little if the only objective for Nov. 2010 is to improve the numbers, which is the only real message the establishment seems to be conveying. 

The people have a different message. “We cannot afford to wait any longer! We need change and we need it now!”  Ya es bastante! It is time! Es tiempo!  

Fellow Democrats, if you are interested in winning Nov. 2010 then you need Felix Alvarado…NOW!  We cannot wait any longer for change. We cannot afford to wait four years, much less eight years for the time to be right.  Data cannot replace the driving force. Canned speeches, rhetoric, no passion… just going through the motions of playing the game, wooing certain individuals and no vision, this folks is “politics as usual.”

As the filing date approaches, diversity on the ballot now becomes an issue and the task of finding suitable opponents to challenge the GOP,  up and down the ballot, has become a matter of urgency. Since we started this campaign some critics have insinuated that as a Hispanic candidate, Felix could win the primary with the surname, alone.  We did not and do not accept that assessment, and certainly do not support the notion of recruiting Hispanic candidates simply to fluff the ballot, no more than we support clearing the slate for a particular candidate.

Felix is running because he knows he can do better for the people of Texas than Perry. He is running because he knows he can tackle the issues. In our travels, people were quite adamant in their support for Hispanic candidates, however, the motivation to support is not solely based on surname, but on whether or not they can trust the Hispanic candidate to do better for the people than Perry, and unfortunately, for many potential candidates, their reputation precedes them.

Come on folks. Texas is a big state. Geographically, the needs are quite different, but the entire state is being affected in some form by our current situation.

We are all concerned. We are all critics and we all have a voice, but our voice is too often ignored and drowned out by the noise of the political machine that purports to work in the best interest of the people, yet often works against the people. 

I have seen the remarks …current Democratic candidates do not appeal to the base. Democrats do not have any strong candidates on the ticket. None have  name recognition. They don’t have any money, or can’t raise any money.  The Dems are not controversial. No one paints a pretty picture of Democrats, much less Democrats. There are too many critics and too many cynics.

Experience matters, money matters, but what matters most is the genuine concern for improving the quality of life for all Texans. March 2, Texans will vote for the candidate they feel will make the best governor… if elected in November. So, March 2, 7:01 p.m. maybe sooner,  the winner of the Democratic Primary will need support from all Democrats, because he or she will still need to face the real enemy in November.

If any voter is interested in joining a winning campaign that is for real change…email me.

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Felix Alvarado continues to focus on the need for creating immediate employment.

Fort Worth, TX,  Unemployment in Texas continues to rise and the Republican candidates for governor are more concerned about pursuing their ideological base than seeking solutions that benefits Texas. The Senate candidate is more concerned about voting no on health care than seeking a solution to the health care needs of Texas.

I have proposed immediate solutions to create employment in Texas. Government does have a purpose and that is providing for the needs of Texans.

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Not quite ready…

My apologies. I know that a few people are eager to review Felix’s stand on issues, but the information is not ready. I will notify via twitter when the information is posted to the website. Thanks.

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