Wait folks! Felix is the only candidate with a plan!


Yes, Felix is the only candidate with a plan to address the critical issues facing us… a daunting task even for the current leadership that have consistently fallen short and to date fail to rise to the occasion…  All we have to do is turn around to see the failures of our current leadership. Nowhere is it more visible than in south Texas. We did not make it to the bottom by sheer luck. It took years of hard work, and neglect to get here. There is plenty of blame to go around.

“The general tendency of things throughout the world is to render mediocrity the ascendant power among mankind.  Author: John Stuart Mill”

While the anointed and the millionaire have been filling the airwaves with empty rhetoric, empty punches and receiving their due reward, Felix has been steadfast at presenting solutions.

While the establishment rule has worked diligently at promoting their worn out strategies to elect “one of their own” Felix has impressed upon us all that we, the people are highly capable of choosing our own leaders.

Felix presents solutions for education from the heart of the problem. He did not gain insight into the problems in the classroom from any secondary source.

Felix is close to the working men and women who struggle to maintain a remnant of the American dream.

Felix knows the ills that plague our health care system, our military veterans and our seniors.

Someone once said that “Mediocrity requires aloofness to preserve its dignity (author: Charles G. Dawes).” Well, mediocrity is not what we need in Austin. We need someone who offers workable solutions. The old phrase “Where’s the beef?” describes the platforms of the only two candidates that merit any attention from the democratic establishment.

We do not need someone who can pay off for not delivering on a promise. We do not need another mediocre leader in Austin whose campaign tactics take us back fifty years. We do not need a leader in Austin who has to be seduced to lead, or who bows to the demands of deep pockets.

 We need someone with actual leadership skills. We need someone committed to the people and who will diligently pursue, and put into action solutions to our current problems. That candidate is Felix Alvarado.

He has proven himself steadfast and committed to presenting real solutions to real problems, while the anointed and the millionaire have been diligent at promoting the status quo.

March 2, 2010 Texans will have a choice… Keep with indifference or make a difference!  

 The only real choice is Felix Alvarado.

Read about Felix…

He is not the chosen one, but he is the only real choice…Felix Alvarado.


Felix has not diverted from the issues that remain problematic for most Texans.  We have witnessed our elected leaders rush to helm to fix certain issues before re-election. We have witnessed candidates stepping aside to let the chosen king pass.  We have witnessed more ills in our democratic process than we care for, and we call it “politics as usual.”  Yes, there are many issues facing various demographic groups and all are equally important, but their effect varies. That does not mean they should be ignored only that as Texans we have to concede that educating our children, our livelihood and our physical well-being must take priority.  I heard these issues referred to as bread and butter issues, well that may be so, but they too are socially divisive.  At this juncture this is what troubles Texans.

Funding education, how? We do not want a state tax! Anyone remember the Robin Hood plan? People recite the problem with fancy statistical data, but come on, we all know the problem.  The real challenge is coming up with a workable solution that will produce the desired results.

Providing equal and affordable health care access to all Texans is  needed, but defining the limits has been quite divisive. To make it worse, we have worked against ourselves.

Jobs, jobs, jobs…and still we need more jobs. We like to boast about the living in the 12th largest economy, but frankly it is not much to boast about unless you are on the receiving end.

So far, Felix has offered an immediate-short-term solution, with long-range planning. He has not had to spin someone else’s work and then call it his own.

My Fellow Democrats, I invite you to come out and meet Felix Alvarado at one of our meet and greet’s.

With deep south Texas roots, humble beginnings unequaled, yet climbed all the way to the top of the enlisted ranks in the military, being born and raised poor did not dissuade Felix from obtaining higher education. A true Tejano, a Texan, and a proud American, neither lack of funding nor political experience will dissuade Felix from taking a stand for the people of Texas. In 2010, the Governor’s mansion may finally board a true Tejano. Tell your friends, bring a friend, but don’t stay home and miss this opportunity to meet the next, first Hispanic Governor of  Texas.

Please call Herbert Lacy for ticket information at 210-216-6669.

Happy New Year!!

Ended the year in Odessa, Texas. Met some great people. I am looking forward to a return trip, the next 60 days, and the Primaries. We will continue touring the state for the remaining weeks. There are still many places left to visit, but so far, the response has been awesome.  We will need plenty of help before the Primaries. So, if you have time, contact us.  Felix

Things get done when ordinary people do extraordinary things.

You can buy a campaign package and make it work for you, but a prepackaged candidate… I have my doubts.

The audicity of hope continues…

Alvarado Goodwill Campaign

Felix, having remained steadfast in his commitment to the governor’s race, will file for a place on the Democratic ticket tomorrow.  I invite everyone to visit our website @www.felixalvarado.com to learn more about Felix. 

Since 2006, when Felix made his first attempt at running for governor, he has not stopped believing that Texans deserve better, a better economy, a better education for our children, and better access to health care for all Texans.  Felix is well-informed about the state of our education system. He is well versed in what troubles our economy, and he knows the impact of not having adequate, accessible, and affordable health care is having on many Texans.   

When it comes to leadership, people tend to desire someone with political knack, someone qualified. Well, it’s obvious; we need to redefine the qualifications. The most that we can boast about thus far, having elected qualified candidates is being the 12th largest economy, having the worst education system, the highest rates of people medically uninsured, some of the highest poverty rates and the list goes on.  This is a record that would make anyone proud to be from Texas.  

Felix’s lack of political savvy means he does not bring any political baggage to the table. It means, he owes his allegiance to no one except the people of Texas. It means he is not trying to preserve his political image. It means he is truly concerned with the state of our state, and he knows he can do better.  This is goodwill. The people who need help the most are not sitting in multimillion dollar mansions handing out money to candidates to preserve their way of life. People would like us to believe that a big treasure chest is sufficient to gain a victory in 2010. Most of us know better.  Yes, it may take millions of dollars to beat out Perry or Hutchinson, even non voters know that, but it will also take millions of votes to win in November. It takes more than money; it takes being committed to the mission. 

We have come a long way since August 13, the day we sent out our first press release. Early on in the campaign, we addressed the circumstances surrounding the check incident in 2006. Some people requested an explanation and Felix was more than willing to offer one. To many others, it was insignificant, but nevertheless Felix wanted to be upfront about the issue.  It was a very humiliating experience, and too come back and face the giants, well that takes guts. Either way, the comments were few, but really some critics only sought to make the issue more intriguing.  I found this comment on one blog ” 

“There’s so much that is so wrong with this public statement, but let’s just focus on the matter of the complexities associated with maintaining a proper balance in one’s checking account: “borrow the money”? Why would you need to “borrow the money” if it was your stated intention to “deposit the money the following morning”? There’s more going on with this explanation than mere garden-variety ignorance, And this fellow will probably make the runoff for governor solely because of his surname. “ 


 The only thing we left out of this explanation was speculation. This statement alone shows what Democrats are up against. Someone out there wants to continue riding a dead horse.  It is time for someone to figure out that horse is not going anywhere.  The issues facing Texas require that we be open to ideas and suggestions, some of which a few years ago would have been unfathomable.  It is time to move forward, and the forward movement is not going to happen riding dead horses. 

 More later….

Day 5 Final day: Head’em of the pass!!!!

Meetings, conference calls, warnings, take evasive action!

Recent developments in the political realm sound like something out of an apocalyptic movie. It is entertaining, to say the least. Seriously folks, at this point, no experience, or years of experience matters little if the only objective for Nov. 2010 is to improve the numbers, which is the only real message the establishment seems to be conveying. 

The people have a different message. “We cannot afford to wait any longer! We need change and we need it now!”  Ya es bastante! It is time! Es tiempo!  

Fellow Democrats, if you are interested in winning Nov. 2010 then you need Felix Alvarado…NOW!  We cannot wait any longer for change. We cannot afford to wait four years, much less eight years for the time to be right.  Data cannot replace the driving force. Canned speeches, rhetoric, no passion… just going through the motions of playing the game, wooing certain individuals and no vision, this folks is “politics as usual.”

As the filing date approaches, diversity on the ballot now becomes an issue and the task of finding suitable opponents to challenge the GOP,  up and down the ballot, has become a matter of urgency. Since we started this campaign some critics have insinuated that as a Hispanic candidate, Felix could win the primary with the surname, alone.  We did not and do not accept that assessment, and certainly do not support the notion of recruiting Hispanic candidates simply to fluff the ballot, no more than we support clearing the slate for a particular candidate.

Felix is running because he knows he can do better for the people of Texas than Perry. He is running because he knows he can tackle the issues. In our travels, people were quite adamant in their support for Hispanic candidates, however, the motivation to support is not solely based on surname, but on whether or not they can trust the Hispanic candidate to do better for the people than Perry, and unfortunately, for many potential candidates, their reputation precedes them.

Come on folks. Texas is a big state. Geographically, the needs are quite different, but the entire state is being affected in some form by our current situation.

We are all concerned. We are all critics and we all have a voice, but our voice is too often ignored and drowned out by the noise of the political machine that purports to work in the best interest of the people, yet often works against the people. 

I have seen the remarks …current Democratic candidates do not appeal to the base. Democrats do not have any strong candidates on the ticket. None have  name recognition. They don’t have any money, or can’t raise any money.  The Dems are not controversial. No one paints a pretty picture of Democrats, much less Democrats. There are too many critics and too many cynics.

Experience matters, money matters, but what matters most is the genuine concern for improving the quality of life for all Texans. March 2, Texans will vote for the candidate they feel will make the best governor… if elected in November. So, March 2, 7:01 p.m. maybe sooner,  the winner of the Democratic Primary will need support from all Democrats, because he or she will still need to face the real enemy in November.

If any voter is interested in joining a winning campaign that is for real change…email me.

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Day of revelation!

As I keep saying…you can’t keep a good man down!

Day 2 has been extremely productive, indeed interesting and beyond energizing!!!  The people of Texas are talking. We stopped and visited with individuals in Laredo and a couple of other places…let me tell you folks… they have been ready and waiting for change, and this election cycle they are prepared to do what it takes to make that change happen!

Considering the events of the last 48 hours… somehow the number of candidates does not seem to be as concerning, as much as the selection of candidates lacking genuine concern for the needs of all Texans. This message has been and continues to be loud and clear! 

Let me tell you, when we started this campaign, we started with a simple plan and so far our plan has not failed. We are moving forward and are more than ready to face any challenger. There may yet be other candidates considering a gubernatorial run, but be assured that come Dec. we will be meeting in Austin to file for a place on the Democratic ballot, because the people of Texas are ready for change.  You are more than welcome to join us, but remember failure is not an option. Enough is enough! It is time!  I will post a few pics and video tomorrow…g’night!