The Primaries…

are bloody Felix likes to note. The White Sham scam is buying up air time to spread their agenda, force feeding it to Texans and it’s considered newsworthy. I said their agenda, because their want to be governor has little to do with addressing the needs of Texans.

Running for office, raising money is all well and good, but we already have plenty of career politicians that do that quite well, and well…let’s face it…how well has that worked for the people of Texas? We’ve had Texas millionaires run this state. How has that work out for Texans?

I find it interesting to note how many candidates, especially those that are part of the political elite identify with the common people, when they are so far removed from the struggles of ordinary citizens.  We…we…we…turn that w upside down and the truth is revealed. Career politicians stay focused on the “me” lane. If one race falls through…there is always another one to pursue.

Texas is long over due for a leader with vision and direction that will address the needs of all Texans. Texans need a leader who can say what he can and will do, and then do it. Texans deserve a leader who can stand on his own merit.  Look around this state, and you will see that few politicians have little reason for boasting about their political records. As Texans we need to hold all our elected officials accountable for our current situation. We need someone in Austin who has not been bought out by big money.  We need someone who can be objective and efficient. We need a leader that can stand strong against the status quo.  We need to remember that the status quo mission is to support a system that favors a particular group of people. It is does not identify with any particular party.

Not all Texans are struggling during this economic downturn. Not all children attend substandard public schools. Many Texans are covered by affordable health care plans. For these Texans, the level of concern, and the reason for concern over these issues may be vastly different, but this is where we need a leader that can stand strong against the status quo that merely seeks to pursue the interested of a few.

We need some different. We don’t need the stereotypical politician.

We need someone who can identify with the people of Texas! We need Felix Rodriguez Alvarado!

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The SHAM!!!-KERA_BELO_Let Voter’s Decide!

30 days out…

At this point, we have spoken to many democrats and non democrats and many are not supporting either candidate included in the KERA Debate.

At this point, many Democrats are passionate about their candidates, but more so hopeful those candidates… far removed from “politics as usual” are willing to stand up against the status quo.  The sentiment is pretty clear… politics should not be a career.

As we consider the democratic debates, KERA had political records to review in setting policy for the GOP debates, clearly KERA lacked similar criteria in selecting candidates for the democratic debates that they had to resort to the lowest common denominator…”who has an office and who is spending money on media.”

Obviously, the arduous task of assessing candidates should not be left to an organization that is more representative of those raking in the profits from political campaign spending and not the voting population. And where is the response from the TDP?

You have to wonder what the role of the TDP is in this instance and how much influence they had, if any in the final selection criteria.  Some (a.k.a. the anointed) may feel $3750 is too low a fee for people wishing to run for office, but it sure is too high to pay for the privilege of being excluded from such an important Democratic event, one that would benefit all voters.

So let’s keep it real!

If we follow the lead of the corporation and choose according to who spends the most money then clearly, Democrats can go home and sit out the rest of the election, because no one is going to out spend Perry nor KBH! Even if they do, spending an obscene amount of money has not been proven to be a marker of success for statewide democratic candidates.  If that were the case, Tony Sanchez would be our current governor and instead of having a breeding farm of young Hispanic political hopefuls, these same hopefuls would be running for statewide office today instead of waiting around for the numbers to favor their candidacy. Hispanic or non Hispanics, young or old, what we need are individuals that are concerned with the needs of the many and not the needs of the few.

Democrats should follow the GOP lead and insist that newcomers to the political scene be allowed to debate. This is where strong leadership must rise to the occasion.  In true Texas tradition those at a disadvantage are conveniently ignored. This needs to change. We can do better!

Think about it, isn’t that what this whole election is about, inclusion? When we look at the issues, the GOP looks to protect its own interest and not the interest of all Texans.

The aim in 2010 is to nominate the most competent, most popular candidate, not the one with the most money spent, or the one with his hands in the pocket of supporters. Surely, we can see the effect of nominating and electing someone simply because of dollars collected and dollars spent.

Allowing KERA and its sponsors to limit debates to who spends the most money narrows the opportunity for voters to evaluate all the candidates.

In either case, the debate becomes nothing more than a strategic assault on the people of Texas forcing them to pick and choose between what the corporation (KERA is a PBS affiliate) assesses as viable candidates. Once again big business is dictating how Texas should be run.  It makes no sense to spend millions of dollars for a losing effort.

“In all cases, KERA and the other sponsors will require a candidate to meet the legal requirements for eligibility for office imposed by the State of Texas to be included in a debate. For candidates who satisfy this eligibility standard, KERA will consider the candidates’ campaign activity and established, nonpartisan polling data to make a viewpoint neutral editorial judgment of the candidate’s newsworthiness.”

Where is the data suggesting that any one democratic candidate is ahead?

So we can conclude that the only requirement used for determining inclusion in the democratic debate was a candidate’s “newsworthiness.” according to a non-existent non-partisan poll.

Regardless, there are Democrats out there, although few in numbers that believe the party is, of the people and for the people. They invite candidates to come speak to their members, regardless of who they personally support, because after all the people must make informed decisions.

For the most part, the media does look at each candidate not so much for viability as for presentation.

The fact that candidate’s purchase much of their air time is not “newsworthiness.” So KERA is stating that a candidate’s credibility and competence is determined by the media profit and not the voter.

For KERA, a building and staff constitute campaign activity, yet in the case of democrats winning elections, or rather losing an election, a campaign office is not critical factor. In today’s technological and virtual world anything is possible including running a statewide campaign. . .

Again, clearly, the only driving force behind the democratic race is money being spent on corporate media, since relevant qualifications, integrity, and competence were not considered.

What goes on here??

First, the fact is there is no poll that shows that any democratic gubernatorial candidate is ahead. If there is one out there…it is time to release the results. The possibility of a runoff is extremely high. Second, what this debate does represent…is one person being elevated above everyone else for political purposes and the receipt of free statewide publicity.

Third, this is a political ambush of the candidate with the most money and the only democratic challenger with the monetary means to fund his own campaign.

Wrong is wrong no matter which way you paint it and this is wrong!  This concerns all Texans. All gubernatorial candidates need to speak up on behalf of their constituents and demand inclusion of all democratic candidates willing to take part or have KERA cancel the Democratic debates.

Contact Ilon Goddard at KERA.  His number is 214-740-9336, his email is

more to follow…

Getting out the vote!

When it comes to getting out the vote…nothing works better than a real challenge. Felix did pretty good in 2004/2002 in heavily entrenched Republican districts.

U. S. Representative District 12  2004    
  Kay Granger(I) REP 173,222 72.31%
  Felix Alvarado DEM 66,316 27.68%
    Race Total 239,538
U. S. Representative District 6  2002    
  Joe Barton(I) REP 115,396 70.34%
  Felix Alvarado DEM 45,404 27.67%
  Frank Brady LIB 1,992 1.21%
  B.J. Armstrong GRN 1,245 0.75%
    Race Total 164,037

Source: TX Elections  

These numbers from Felix’s Congressional run clearly show that he can pull his own weight in a heavily entrenched Republican district.

You can’t say the same thing about the anointed one. He couldn’t bring his own city out to support his re-election. 

Still, this is the chosen one… the one laying out the rules for debate policy….the one KERA is discussing terms for a debate.

KERA, it is time to include all the Democratic candidates in this discussion. After all I think the Republicans have shown that Texans want something different and they delivered.  If we talk about taking on a challenge…Felix is the only candidate who has actually challenged a Republican. 

There were many hopefuls that the party was trying to woo into running against Perry. Did any of them take the challenge. NO! Because for them political careers is their concern, not the needs of the people.

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No Fear….

Felix has no fear. He was presented with the opportunity to take part in a candidate forum that included Republicans. It was interesting. I heard part of  it via cell phone. There was a representative from Medina’s  camp as well as other candidates and I hear, from those that were present… it was an interesting presentation. 

Believe it or not, people want to hear about all the candidates. For those who have time to listen….I run down a list of candidates…because so far the general population only knows about Perry and Hutchinson. People are amazed at how many people are challenging Perry. Either way, I tell them the only real choice we have is Felix Rodriguez Alvarado.

There will be only one winner.  Who will win on the democratic side? It depends on who you ask. At this point, most people comment that it is any man’s race. So…GO FELIX !!!

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Debate anyone??-$$

If you recall,

I posted on Jan 7 that there would no gubernatorial debates before the primaries.  That remains true. The person who called to cancel the original arrangements for the end of Jan. (it was initially sent out as a candidate forum) did share with me that they had tried for weeks to coordinate a debate with no success, because the White campaign refused. They, whoever does the arrangements for the campaign told this other coördinator that their candidate would not be participating in any debates.

I was waiting for the chosen campaign to come back with “we never said that” it is the only way to “save face” this far into the race. It is convenient though.  

The thing is our campaign staff is small, so when you call in…you speak to me and I act on the request at hand.  I pass on information to this blog…if I find it relevant to our campaign. We are directing our campaign. It is not been directed by any outside forces. We are the people who are compelled to bring real change, something different from what we already have.


The rational broadcasting radio show had the anointed one on yesterday’s show. A supporter who happened to be listening in called me up to share some of what the chosen one had to say about his opponents. The supporter found it quite disturbing that this guy would completely dismiss the other gubernatorial candidates, including Shami who is paying for his own campaign, as is Felix. He is just on a way smaller budget.

Anyway, I don’t know how many people listened to the anointed one’s interview yesterday on this show, but his comments about the other candidates were quite offensive to our supporters. I cannot speak for anyone else’s. First, when asked about the other candidates, he responded with “well, I am told there are five or six candidates also running…I guess the filing fee is too low.” When he was informed that listeners found the comment offensive, he responded with “I guess those people….need to get a life.” Now mind you I was not listening to the show, but this  listener called me up… angered by the comments the anointed one made.  I see an immediate need for an apology to the listeners that were tuned into that program (or can we file this under politics as usual).  

Either way, the word arrogance came to mind. And this is the candidate that wants to lead Texas? This is the candidate who has a loyal following of our elected officials. Where is his concern for the people of Texas? 

The people are the biggest concern at the moment. It is the people that he has offended that are struggling with the state of the economy, with the inadequacies in education, and with the lack of affordable and accessible health care. This guy is dismissing people (voters) and he has yet to make it past March 2. Will he so easily dismiss the needs of Texans? To whom does he owe allegience?

Debate…bring it on!

Debate…yes, Felix will debate with all the candidates.  I don’t know who this guy thinks he is that he gets to set the rules for any debate? Here are our rules.

Rule 1: All the candidates are to be invited. Participation is voluntary.

Rule 2: Only a neutral organization that will not endorse any candidate, and is not a PAC  may organize the debate.

Rule 3: The debate must be held in a rural area.

Who does the chosen one think he is… trampling over the democratic process?  As an attorney did he not learn that we live in a democracy? If I were him, I would not want to debate anyone either. I would not want to embarrass myself.  He confronts Perry, as if Perry is his only opponent. He has yet to win the Primary.  He’s not even sure how many democratic opponents he is facing.  

It is a good thing this poll was released today. 

The poll released today by Rasmussen (not surprising at all)  shows the anointed one maybe able to beat Debra Medina in November; if she can beat Perry/Hutchinson (no disrespect to Mrs. Medina-she has loyal supporters).  There are 42 days left until the March 2 primary. Why is the anointed just now presenting his campaign theme (platform)? Is this the time when voters…have to take it or leave it because he is the only choice?

Perhaps the chosen one does not want his opponents to get free airtime.  That is probably true, but I prefer to believe that he does not want his opponents to upstage him because he knows any one of them probably will… He has not done any serious campaigning, outside of a room full of elected officials.

At this point, many Democrats will consider voting Republican. Before you take that step, I ask you to consider Felix. Felix has been committed to this race and to the people of Texas.

More later…

Election 2010: Texas Governor’s Race – Rasmussen Reports™


via Election 2010: Texas Governor’s Race – Rasmussen Reports™.

I do not expect to see Felix’s name in any poll…not yet, but the rest…right on target, except for the last part…the annointed one, I don’t believe he can beat anyone. More in a bit…

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Hardly a critical analysis…

For facts on Felix we always refer readers to our website or to the blog.

If you read the article linked I present a better view of Felix.

FACT: When Schieffer withdraw from the race, because he realized he was going no where..he suggested other candidates do the same and support his chosen candidate, one who had repeatedly denied he was not going to switch races, and one who he felt could get democrats motivated.  Did anyone listen to rationalbroadcasting this morning?

FACT:  The TDP Chair, during a closed door meeting with the declared gubernatorial candidates suggested that they consider races down ballot races to eliminate the glut at the governor level. Several (meaning more than two) news sources reported much the same…along with Schieffer’s comment. Two of the then candidates actually took the advise and moved down ballot, both citing their rational for the decision. Stay tuned for the making of a king….

The whole “who’s is and who’s out” well…we all read, wrote and shared. Do a Google search…there is plenty of info…

FACT: Felix was a Democratic  candidate for Congress twice (not several as in more than two). For ease of intellectual research here are the numbers:

District 6 100% U.S.
2002 – General Election – 27.67%

Democratic nominee
2004 – 100% U.S. Representative District 12
2004 – General Election – 27.68

FACT:  The Houston Chronicle reporter posed as a member of the media wanting to host a fundraiser, to get our attention.  Our  website  does direct the media to check out the blog for responses of any sort for breaking news and such.

Most reporters have been able to reach us by phone.  There is a number on the contact page and a link to our email, so you don’t have to use the contact form.

BTW: I do give out Felix’s cell number to reporters requesting phone interviews.

We are approaching the Primaries rather quickly. Voters need candidate information and not poorly framed opinions, although the latter is usually what is conveyed. The democratic process has been trampled beyond recognition, but this campaign and this election nevertheless proceeds.  The relationship we have with critics is one of love/hate. The only problem is that critics keep us from watching good movies.

Voters will follow their usual path and others will make the best choice from the list of candidates who stood up for the people of the Texas when the subjective – so-called – well-qualified democrat chose to stand down in 2010 and do nothing. For many voters that choice will be Felix Rodriguez Alvarado.

He stands for the people of Texas and not for the sake of politics as usual.

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Read about Felix…

He is not the chosen one, but he is the only real choice…Felix Alvarado.

Felix has not diverted from the issues that remain problematic for most Texans.  We have witnessed our elected leaders rush to helm to fix certain issues before re-election. We have witnessed candidates stepping aside to let the chosen king pass.  We have witnessed more ills in our democratic process than we care for, and we call it “politics as usual.”  Yes, there are many issues facing various demographic groups and all are equally important, but their effect varies. That does not mean they should be ignored only that as Texans we have to concede that educating our children, our livelihood and our physical well-being must take priority.  I heard these issues referred to as bread and butter issues, well that may be so, but they too are socially divisive.  At this juncture this is what troubles Texans.

Funding education, how? We do not want a state tax! Anyone remember the Robin Hood plan? People recite the problem with fancy statistical data, but come on, we all know the problem.  The real challenge is coming up with a workable solution that will produce the desired results.

Providing equal and affordable health care access to all Texans is  needed, but defining the limits has been quite divisive. To make it worse, we have worked against ourselves.

Jobs, jobs, jobs…and still we need more jobs. We like to boast about the living in the 12th largest economy, but frankly it is not much to boast about unless you are on the receiving end.

So far, Felix has offered an immediate-short-term solution, with long-range planning. He has not had to spin someone else’s work and then call it his own.

My Fellow Democrats, I invite you to come out and meet Felix Alvarado at one of our meet and greet’s.

With deep south Texas roots, humble beginnings unequaled, yet climbed all the way to the top of the enlisted ranks in the military, being born and raised poor did not dissuade Felix from obtaining higher education. A true Tejano, a Texan, and a proud American, neither lack of funding nor political experience will dissuade Felix from taking a stand for the people of Texas. In 2010, the Governor’s mansion may finally board a true Tejano. Tell your friends, bring a friend, but don’t stay home and miss this opportunity to meet the next, first Hispanic Governor of  Texas.

Please call Herbert Lacy for ticket information at 210-216-6669.

It’s not unusual…

I am a classroom teacher in the Dallas ISD.  I am also a military veteran of twenty-eight years in the Naval Reserve, Army and Air Force.

Felix on the endorsement of Texas State Teachers Association over the weekend of White.

“When I read that you had endorsed Bill White for governor, I was astonished and dumbfounded beyond belief  as I read your motives for your endorsement.  That he understands teaching because his parents were teachers is like saying that my children know everything about Air Force One because I was in an organization that inspected the wing that maintains Air Force One.

We know it takes money to operate a statewide campaign, but if we let money hinder our outreach then we have no business in this race. Money, endorsements and media coverage have been handed only to the “chosen” one.  Even the platform sounds familiar.  As much as his supporters would like us to believe that he is someone we should all bow to, a large part of the citizenry has yet to learn his name.   The large part mind you that will have a significant role in the November election.  You may differ all you want. The win in March is not where the battle begins, but it may be where the battle will end if we continue with the politics as usual shenanigans.  At this rate the best we can look forward to is another four, eight even twelve years of the same poor leadership that has Texas sitting at the bottom.

As we all know, the governor’s race, or for that matter – any election is only about how much money a candidate can raise, plain and simple. It is obvious,  a candidate does not even need a platform, because he can simply borrow from his opponent.

Coming up with workable solutions that will appeal to the general masses is not necessary when you place an order for a candidate, nor is defending those solutions.  The objective is to sell the personality as one genuinely concerned for the needs of others.  However far fetched it may sound.

As Texans. we have allowed money and influence to reign over us, and I don’t know about you, but I have had enough.

I always get a laugh when non/infrequent-voters complain about our political process and the ridiculous spending of monies that could be put to better use, but yet they never realize that all the money spent to reach voters, to educate voters, and to buys votes has yet to actually persuade them to vote.  Let me tell you about these people. They are working class, professional and educated people, young and old that feel their vote does not matter.

Money can buy plenty of media exposure, but it does not guarantee a win, just ask the last Dem candidate that spent his own millions. Certainly, getting voters to believe in you, to trust you and your mission is still another hurdle. Getting people out to vote , again…

more later…

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Felix Alvarado on Education

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