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Congressional District 35 – Alvarado, definitely a new voice

Doggett’s claims for jumping congressional districts not substantiated by his election record. His Democratic primary opponent, Alvarado, maintains hers is the new voice for congressional District 35.

Austin-Based La Voz, editor Alfredo Santos alleges that Maria Luisa Alvarado’s congressional District 35 candidacy “was designed to split the women and Latino vote.”

( May 26, 2012 — In an early release of the June 2012 issue of La Voz, editor Alfredo Santos published innuendo that the candidacy of Maria Luisa Alvarado for congressional District 35 “was designed to split the women and Latino vote.” Without naming sources, Santos states that “(s)ome have even speculated that Doggett camp was involved.”

Bexar County Dems: A Party at War


Can we say that Bexar Democrats are a reflection of Texas democrats?  If they are – we will be seeing a lot of red in 2012.  What a sham and shame that Bexar County Democrats idea of exercising political power came at the sacrifice of one of their own.

I hope that no other county party behaves in such manner.

Anyway, you would think that a Democrat in leadership role would use some common sense when criticizing a fellow democrat, especially in a public domain since they already have a bad image…no need to expand on that topic.  You may recall that there was opposition to Ramos forced removal, but unfortunately his supporters were not given equal media coverage, or equal voice, but this is San Antonio, you know how that goes. However, just when I thought Bexar democrats had satisfied their lust for power, imagine my chagrin at reading comments by an SDEC member.

I finally encounter a democrat exercising his freedom in support Ramos and in support of our democratic process. He makes this bold statement…

“I believe that any future correspondence or communication regarding BCDP, should be signed or sent out by Dan Ramos, who is the duly-elected (by 60% of Bexar County Voters) BCDP Chair, to counter the misleading information citing Choco Meza as “Chair” and to avoid any further confusion.  This is especially true regarding any letters sent out to the Secretary of State, Attorney General or to Jackie Callanen.

The LAW is THE LAW.   Neither Nelson Wolff, who is only a county judge and NOT a Supreme Court Justice, nor anybody else, has the authority issue any “orders” setting aside the votes of an official election – nor should they place themselves above the law.”

BCDP’s insane approach to address Ramos comments was just that “insane.” I forgot what Ramos said, but I recall all the comments and letters written to oust Ramos, even to extent of criticizing his appearance and intelligence. It was a long reach for power and it worked. It would be nice if the power they were reaching for actually did some good, but not the case as Texas voters have yet to elect a Democrat statewide. I attended some of the meetings prior to lynching Ramos and they were just that…lynching parties…like in the old days….way back…

And from what I understood there was no precedence in this case, hence why emotions ran high and logic and order were no where to be found.

Political incorrectness, however seems to pervade democratic halls…read on. These are a couple of responses to the statement above.

From: NovaCamp 

To: “B Shvetz” <

Date: Saturday, July 30, 2011, 8:20 PM

No body is listening to you losers. Look at your pathetic web site. Morons. 

“Losers” “Morons” These individuals are part of the same organization. What does the website have to do with anything? 

From: B Shvetz

“Nova Camp who sent a hate email to me …”

To: Don’t step on my freedom of speech…

 Obviously, these ranting are due to the division caused by the removal of Ramos, which continues to smell of foul play. Nevertheless, the BCDP’s scandalous  behavior has surpassed anything Ramos said…

Comments made by another SDEC member were just as disturbing. BD shout intolerance yet they too are intolerant to the point of daring to silence the voice of opposition.

“You are beganing to sound like that loudmouth and very vulgar Dan Ramos formerly the Bexar County Chair till we took a stand and ousted him. If you want to build any type of following you need to temper your speech. I doubt I would support you.” Ralph Galvan SD 26 committeeman

This Nova Camp individual is a member of the BCDP and SDEC .  Why is this representative for Texas Democrats making such comments to other democrats who are simply exercising their freedoms in supporting Ramos? 

Choco Meza was conveniently “elected” by party members, many of which were newly appointed precinct chairs. However, Ramos was voted in by popular vote, even though Meza had support from many of the local elected democratic officials, SHE LOST! I guess it was not easy to eat that slice of humble pie. I guess Bexar Dems were going to get their person in one way or another.

It baffles the mind that many democrats found Ramos comments distasteful, but many of those same democrats are in perfect agreement with name calling,  bullying, and directing hateful comments at Dan Ramos and his supporters.  Come on, two wrongs do not make a right. 

This is a case for the pot calling the kettle black. It’s not OK for Ramos to make comments about special interest groups shoving their agenda down the throats of voters, party members and such, but it QUITE ACCEPTABLE!  for democrats to heave deragatory comments on Ramos and his supporters.  Again, I guess Bexar Dems are like the preachers that don’t practice what they preach.

Oh and this just in: Boyd Richie made a remark that stunned a lot of folks who believed that the Bill White campaign was directed to some degree by Boyd. He told us that he thought it both dumb and wrong for Bill White to have run a Republican Lite campaign and not support the down ticket candidates. Richie said he had no control and little input. He also said that he has been upset for sometime with the DNC finance folks who call Texas donors and tell them not to contribute to the TDP.

So, why is the DNC supporting/endorsing Hinojosa for party chair? Why is the BCDP on a quest to silence the democratic voice?  Whatever these politiqeros are cooking up, it does not look like anything Texas Democrats should bite into..but that’s just my opinion.

What do you think? Are you ready to run for governor again? I think you should.



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Burnt Orange Report: Disaster Recovery: A Path Forward for the TDP and Texas Democrats

Burnt Orange Report: Disaster Recovery: A Path Forward for the TDP and Texas Democrats.

A conversation that began a few days ago has quieted down some, but the message that the TDP needs to be revamped it quite loud. Not everyone agrees that the current leadership has been ineffective, but I think the general consensus is that the party leadership could have done better.

It is time to take a serious look at the TDP infrastructure, the leadership and it is time for democrats to put their friendships aside and make some critical decisions as to how and what will move the party from its stagnate state.

Texas Democrats: The Mission: To Undermine

I found this very interesting opinion on the current state of the TDP. It is not anything that I have not heard before, I was just surprised to see it on this particular blog. I do not subscribe to the blog, nor usually agree with anything posted, but this I found interesting…because it does not sound like the typical voice often heard from the blog.

Click to read:

Now, for my two cents…

Texas Democrats: The Mission: To Undermine

“Demolishing what is hopelessly broken, rebuilding from the ground up, and charting an entirely new course forward is our only hope for recovering from this disaster that has been the Texas Democratic Party for the past 15 years.”

I can think of a couple of individuals that have this same message, but for some reason many democrats are just not buying it. The language is elevated, but the message is still the same. And I believe the reason democrats don’t buy the message is because they don’t accept the messenger as acceptable or viable.

Either way, a few people may believe that we do not need to “reinvent the wheel” as drastically as it is proposed by this blogger, and a few more may agree 100% with what he says about tearing down and reconstructing a new party, but the point is, and it is as plain as can be, enough is enough. This blogger, offers some constructive criticism, but are democrats ready for “any” kind of change? I would like to share my two cents of the many experiences that ruffled a few of my feathers. This particular blogger supported Kinky, so if you did not care for Kinky, just look past that…this guy still makes sense.

First of all, friendship and nepotism is a powerful force to reckon with in Texas politics. And these friendships are undermining the party. The leadership has created a party of the status quo. The status quo has got to go!  The status quo gives rise to the “good ole party” and results in confusion. Besides, is it true representation when democrats support ineffective leadership and where personal friendship carries more weight than loyalty or allegiance to the party, to the very values that democrats purportedly share?  I would say no.

I agree, it is time to demolish the ways of old and chart a course that leads to a brighter future for all Texans, but how are we to accomplish this?  More on that specific issue later…

I can commend Richie for his desire to recruit so-called “winnable” candidates, but unfortunately, I want to choose my own candidate from a list of candidates, as do my voting friends. And yes we did discuss the seven gubernatorial candidates in 2010 and we were all disgusted with the lack of support for all the candidates from the TDP, and the various democratic groups, clubs and such. But let me add, I also loath and find insulting, the idea of pairing Hispanic candidates with a white candidate simply to attract the Hispanic vote. And I disagree that we need to do a nationwide search for talent to create a new “culture” for Texas democrats. There are plenty of willing individuals with the tenacity, the fortitude and the commitment to direct the party in the right direction. The question is, are we all interested in going in the same direction, because it is not about finding democrats to run for statewide office, as much as it is about attracting a “preferred” candidate for statewide office.  What you prefer and what I prefer may be difference, hence the Democratic Primaries. This individual does not need to be an attorney, or have a list of endorsements from elected democrats, the same elected democrats that have failed Texans as far as I am concerned. I don’t think we should use endorsements as a qualifying attribute. He or she only has to have leadership skills, a plan and a means of putting that plan into action. He or she must be able to regain the trust of those that matter and at this point, everyone matters.

At this point we need a new chair that will scour the country for the best and brightest young Democrats who have proven success at the state party and/or state caucus level. 

We should commit to a meaningful search for a free agent that can bring new energy, institute a new culture and enact new policies, procedures and strategies to help us move forward (finally).

In this passage you suggest we hire a “free agent” isn’t a free agent simply someone who does the bidding of the highest bidder.  How is that any different than what we have now? We have plenty of talent in Texas…quite astute as to how Texas politics work. The problem is democrats only want to hear from individuals they can identify as viable.

I was at a recent Summit in San Antonio, and I heard much the same messages: we need to bring out the Hispanic vote? The democratic base is not voting. Hispanics tend to vote democrat. At some previous meeting it had been proposed to conduct a nationwide search for someone experienced in Hispanic outreach.  I find it hard to believe that just because Hispanics vote democrat, that makes all Hispanics democrat. They are not necessarily one in the same?

Nevertheless, the talent is there. The talent is ready, but are “you (Texas Democrat)” ready to accept the talent of someone that does not represent your every desire, your image, and your impression of acceptable or viable democratic candidate? That is the question every democrat should be asking themselves.

And by the way, I resent the reference to bright young democrats being the ones that can create change; we should be attracting democrats, and individuals with a passion to do what it takes to create change in Texas.  Then again, there is a huge population of voters D/R that suggest we keep our change.  The 2008 campaign over did it on the change theme. 

You want young. I don’t want young. I want someone who knows where the TDP has been and where it needs to go, and today, it is far from where it needs to be and today’s young democrat is not prepared to get the party where it needs to go. The Democratic Party has a less than an appealing history and it must be remembered so it does not digress from its objective. I tend to believe that is why the party remains fragmented.

As to whether Richie did his best, I would disagree. I say that only because his political director was quite boisterous about the party simply wanting to improve the numbers for a future win. For me that was a reflection of his leadership as was one of the presenters showing up in flip flops, torn jeans and a thin tank top.  Come on! Is that the mind set of someone who wants to win an election, a person who only wants to finish in second place? I am all for getting rid of the whole staff. I have been hearing that message since before Chris Bell. Twenty-ten was going to be year! We must be ready for 2012! Now, it’s 2014. I think his biggest downfall was not being able to create solidarity, or any kind of cohesiveness among democrats or democratic groups, and lack real desire to actually win statewide elections.  And across the state there is too much fragmentation, but much of that fragmentation, as I said, has always existed.

Further, with a fragmented party, it would be unlikely that someone from another part of the country could create a new culture, or change the political landscape in Texas. First, they have to get past the Republican voters. We want to forget that Republicans work of ideology, and that democrats do not. From my observations there is nothing that creates commonality among Texas democrats, democratic groups or democratic voters, not even electing a democratic candidate for president. I cannot express my displeasure upon hearing that Bexar County precinct chairs had resigned after Obama won the Primary; that speaks volume about the influence of the party.

I know people were supportive of what transpired in Bexar County, but Richie should have supported the Bexar County Chair and sought out an amiable resolve rather than joining the lynch party and dragging a county chair through the media mud.  As far as I am concerned, the entire BCDP should be ashamed for trampling over the majority vote. The democratic voters of Bexar County should have been given the opportunity to vote in another or keep the current chair, but instead only a select few were able to vote. The entire incident was a disgrace for democrats and democracy.

I think my biggest beef is with the mentality of the democrats that participated…in reference to asking SDEC members to suggest Richie step down early this was one of the responses.

"when you start slinging "mud" re: "record of indifference" you totally turn me
off. You are beganing to sound like that loudmouth and very vulgar Dan
Ramos formerly the Bexar County Chair till we took a stand and ousted him. If
you want to build any type of following you need to temper your speech." 
Referring to Richie's record as "indifferent" is hardly hostile. Ah, but the power trip that comes from ousting anyone can be intense and give one illusions of unquestionable power.

That is just the way it is. Democrats do not need a new culture; they just need to accept the culture that is Texas. Texas is a growing, very diverse and conservative culture, whether people like it or not. It will take a couple of generations to change it, and it may or may not change. And it is the Hispanic population that is creating a demographic change in Texas. Hispanics, whether people acknowledge it or not, are more traditional, more conservative in family matters, but not completely intolerant. They may accept difference, but might not be quick at acknowledging those differences. And you will find that Hispanics from the south are more influenced by the Hispanic culture because of proximity than Hispanics in northern parts of the state. So there will be differences in how they react to certain situations.

Blogger, I do not agree with all your points, but you are right on target on many of them. That we desperately need a new path forward, perhaps, but we just need to move forward.  Everything democrats have been doing has failed, failed, and failed, as you say, and they will continue to fail if Richie has his way and he has already started.

Your reality check, getting the perfect candidate, finding all the money we need, (there is never enough money for a democrat to get elected) developing a narrative that makes any sense at all, and winning East Texas, well, I totally agree, forget it all. Some democrats are never going to accept certain representation, they will never accept change and they are socializing their children likewise. That is the reality that many Texans and democrats live with, and are determined to change, but they also realize they have an uphill battle.

I don’t believe the Democratic Party knows what their weaknesses are, or that they even have any. So, to chart a new course, to turn the corner and move forward means they need to recognize, confess and identify those weaknesses. For the most part, the TDP leadership, the influence, the deep pockets are still hanging on to their past glory and simply do not want to let go. So, I believe the best place to start evaluating is from the top down and not the bottom up. We know what is at the bottom, but we also know what is on top and it is not going to give up without a real ideological battle.

As I said, people may or may not agree with your opinion, but one thing I always wait for – are the critics, because they will come to tear down anyone who attacks their world view; these critics attack people on personal attributes, rather than reflect on their own beliefs, practices, opinions and such. At this juncture, there does need to be a time of reflection – if – Texas democrats truly want to change the political landscape. But again, unfortunately we have two types of Texas democrats, so which one will make a stronger show of power? Which one will have to compromise so the party can move forward?

There is an old children’s rhyme that seems to fit so adequately with the dilemma facing Texas democrats…

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall;

Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.

All the King’s horses

And all the King’s men

Couldn’t put Humpty together again!

Will this be the fate of the TDP? More later…

San Antonio Democrats – Shameful – United Democrats is an oxymoron

Shameful-shameless, can only describe the behavior of democrats attacking Ramos.  Regardless of what has transpired within the BCDP, there is not one thing that Ramos has said that even comes close – in comparison – to how some Texas democrats (those choosing to get involved), and local party members have treated him publicly and otherwise. Local democrats have behaved reprehensible toward one of their own. Ramos was elected by popular vote. Even if he was not their first choice for party chair, for the majority he was and it got him elected.

Elected Democrats, and local party members should have done everything to help him fix the mess created by the former chair, instead of the taking steps to oppose him – that would have been the democratic thing to do.  The division among party members is not something new, but the harassment that Ramos has endured, the real culprits have not even experienced. In any other setting this harassment would probably be illegal, but apparently everyone involved is OK with it.  Ramos should follow suit of Ms. San Antonio, 2011.  Nevertheless, it is disappointing to watch so many BCDP members choose to behave like school yard bullies.  What’s the rule, two wrongs, don’t make a right.

Further, posting letters demanding his resignation on the party website only demonstrates the lack of professionalism and the inability to resolve conflict among local democrats.  The website should not be posting any information related to the problems plaguing the Bexar Democratic Party, much less-letters demanding his resignation. This too, is like the children who write offensive comments about fellow classmates on the classroom boards and restroom walls…

Texas Democrats, local party members have managed to further deface the Democratic Party, as if it needed any help. Thank you for the transparency. I guess this gives me a clue about how Democrats would run state government… an inability to resolve conflict… harassment, bullying, character attacks…hmmm…we already have plenty of that….

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Felix…still campaigning…People do know his name…

Yes, as much as the established rule and the media would like to convince you otherwise. Felix is still actively campaigning.  He was in Granbury Wednesday evening visiting with local Democrats. He will be in New Boston this Saturday, Feb. 20. 

It is shameful, and I believe the greatest travesty this election year (of course, more so than in past election years) has been the democratic establishment failing to allow access to the democratic apparatus by all democratic candidates, who mind you… paid $3750 for the privilege to carry the label DEMOCRAT. Granted it has always existed as is, but few candidates ever took the time to speak the truth about their experience with the democratic machine and the social elites.  The media elites, and corporate elites share blame in promoting this travesty.

I don’t call it a party of the people or for the people, but a party for elitist rule. In two election cycles, it has become crystal clear to new political participants that what we have at work in Texas is not a democratic rule, but the iron law of oligarchy hard at work. For those not familiar with the term … Wikipedia defines it like this… the best source, but it suffices)…

Robert Michels believed that any political system eventually evolves into an oligarchy. He called this the “iron law of oligarchy”.  According to this school of thought, modern democracies should be considered as oligarchies. In these systems, actual differences between viable political rivals are small (what we have in Texas-no difference) the oligarchic elite impose strict limits on what constitutes an ‘acceptable’ and ‘respectable’ political position, and politicians’ careers depend heavily on unelected economic and media elites. Thus the popular phrase: there is only one political party, the ‘incumbent’ party. Thus when the people have the opportunity to choose from one of their own, the notion is quickly suppressed and the candidate(s) quickly reduced to flakes. Further, a rising of a similar personality (an impersonator) quickly appears to satisfy the urge to recruit someone from the masses.

Perhaps, in past elections the democratic party was more a party of the people, or more tolerant of difference, (that is a big perhaps) but the struggles that many Texans currently endure are the result of years of poor and biased leadership under the “good old boy” rule.  

We have not been under Republican rule for too long, but I believe we have been under the “good old boy” rule far too long. A rather happy trend that social elites and their groupies wish to perpetuate. 

The democratic establishment had a great opportunity to allow the people of Texas to choose the best candidate by promoting all the candidates, but instead they went with the status quo… and provided voters with only bacon drippings…that taste good, but are not good for you. As far as they are concerned only the anointed merit any attention, and the millionaire can take care of himself. 

Rather than allow the voter to choose, the established democratic rule did not show the common people an ounce of respect by allowing them to choose their own representation.

But wait folks, the Primaries are not until March 2. There is still time to participate in the democratic process. There are seven democratic candidates and all have their supporters. If you have not read up on Felix, check out his website at

Do keep in mind that a variety of online unreliable polls will always favor the anointed candidate over the others (typical and expected), they are nevertheless unreliable polls that warrant miniscule merit outside their readership. 

Now, it was not too long ago that another mediocre democratic social elite was favored as the front-runner. He handed his reign over to another mediocre social elite. It is a given that the social elites will always favor and endorse their anointed candidate, but remember it is also the social elites that for better or worse have been in control (in Texas mostly worse)  and it is time to break from their rule and choose a candidate that will actually work for the people and not for their crony friends.  more later….

This election cycle we have a choice to keep with indifference or make a difference.


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Wait folks! Felix is the only candidate with a plan!


Yes, Felix is the only candidate with a plan to address the critical issues facing us… a daunting task even for the current leadership that have consistently fallen short and to date fail to rise to the occasion…  All we have to do is turn around to see the failures of our current leadership. Nowhere is it more visible than in south Texas. We did not make it to the bottom by sheer luck. It took years of hard work, and neglect to get here. There is plenty of blame to go around.

“The general tendency of things throughout the world is to render mediocrity the ascendant power among mankind.  Author: John Stuart Mill”

While the anointed and the millionaire have been filling the airwaves with empty rhetoric, empty punches and receiving their due reward, Felix has been steadfast at presenting solutions.

While the establishment rule has worked diligently at promoting their worn out strategies to elect “one of their own” Felix has impressed upon us all that we, the people are highly capable of choosing our own leaders.

Felix presents solutions for education from the heart of the problem. He did not gain insight into the problems in the classroom from any secondary source.

Felix is close to the working men and women who struggle to maintain a remnant of the American dream.

Felix knows the ills that plague our health care system, our military veterans and our seniors.

Someone once said that “Mediocrity requires aloofness to preserve its dignity (author: Charles G. Dawes).” Well, mediocrity is not what we need in Austin. We need someone who offers workable solutions. The old phrase “Where’s the beef?” describes the platforms of the only two candidates that merit any attention from the democratic establishment.

We do not need someone who can pay off for not delivering on a promise. We do not need another mediocre leader in Austin whose campaign tactics take us back fifty years. We do not need a leader in Austin who has to be seduced to lead, or who bows to the demands of deep pockets.

 We need someone with actual leadership skills. We need someone committed to the people and who will diligently pursue, and put into action solutions to our current problems. That candidate is Felix Alvarado.

He has proven himself steadfast and committed to presenting real solutions to real problems, while the anointed and the millionaire have been diligent at promoting the status quo.

March 2, 2010 Texans will have a choice… Keep with indifference or make a difference!  

 The only real choice is Felix Alvarado.