Now that the credit rating of the US has been downgraded it is time for us common folk to assess responsibility (point the finger) at who or what was the most likely cause for what happened.  We do this (point the finger) after each major event, good or bad.  The group that was the most responsible for this action was the TEA Party.  I saw most of the deliberations on TV and time after time what I heard was that the TEA Party did not want to negotiate or compromise.  In a democracy when you fail to negotiate or compromise you are working your way into a dictatorship.  Most people in America knew the debt ceiling was going to be raised.  Shutting down the government was a non-starter and that was the position of the TEA Party.  Yes, there were other considerations, but when you point the finger you can only point it in one direction, the TEA Party.  We do not know what the after effects will be but it is WE the American people who will continue paying the price because we have a dysfunctional Washington.  Remember 2012.  I hear presidential candidates address the problem as a lack of “leadership”. In Texas we would probably say “bunk”.

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Cameron County attorney running for Texas Democratic Party Chair

A former Cameron County Judge is seeking to become the Lone Star State’s top Democrat.

via Cameron County attorney running for Texas Democratic Party Chair.

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Budget War

Now that the budget war is over another war has begun, the elections next year.  Many Democrats are disappointed the way that the issue was decided.  I believe that the Democrats gave up a lot more than the Republicans.  Yes.  Balancing the budget is important.  But creating jobs is more important.  The Republican idea of giving more money to corporations and the filthy rich is a non-starter.  The corporations and rich are not going to guarantee job creation in America where the jobs are needed.   We need to crank up our junior colleges to start teaching skills that the economy has.  Is this going to cost money?  Yes it is.  But think of the alternative.  Republican rhetoric or what we call in West Texas “chewing the cud” is not going to create jobs.  None of the Republican candidates for president has said anything about the economy that makes sense.  Balancing the budget is NOT fixing the economy.   Making education better will.  It is time to start acting like an organized party and get ready for the next war.  That means the Boyd Ritchie’s and the Gilberto Hinojosa’s need to stand aside and let some real leaders take charge.  Our children are going to be the real losers if Republicans win it all.

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Balancing the Budget

As I understand it, Republican do not want to tax rich folk and large corporations.  Reason.  We they are going to create the ton of jobs that we need.  And these ton of jobs is going to increase  tax revenues that every level of government desperately needs.  The tooth fairy is also going to leave a large sum of money for me.  Republicans will not increase the taxes on rich folk and large corporations but they will increase the taxes on you and me.  Or let’s put it this way:  When they increase the Social Security retirement age from 65 to 70 and above, folks this is a huge tax increase.  Of course it is not called a huge tax increase, it is called “entitlement reform.”  Let us also remind ourselves that the entitlement reform came about because the social security money was spent by Congress.  As you watch this debate on the budget, when it is all over, ask yourself – “Who won?  Who lost?”  If you need help answering the question, let me help you, it was the American people who lost.  The American people were dealt a losing hand.

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Fidel, the only Democrat for the job of State Party Chair!

Fidel Acevedo is the only candidate for state party chair that  does have all of the necessary leadership qualities and qualifications any Democrat can possess to take Back Texas for the people of Texas! Fidel is the most qualified, the most honest, integrity minded, progressive Democrat and the only man for the job.

History speaks for itself when it comes to telling the story of past party leaders.  The leader must be a person of the people and not a person of the same old status quo “quid pro quo”  that has led the party to it’s current downward spiral to destination no where.

If  Texas Democrats have learned anything it’s that money, even $70 million will not get a Democrat elected statewide in Texas. So why is the focus always on raising money. Here is the problem …

He is my friend.  Ann Richards was my friend.  
Bill White is a very dear friend.  
Molly Beth Malcom is a very dear friend.  Yep!
What is the political  field in Texas... 
if lame Ducks can still do a lot of good with a good staff 
and money raising is the main goal?

We are experiencing the results of such…

Gilberto Hinojosa Misleads | Brownsville Tea Party Association

Gilberto Hinojosa Misleads | Brownsville Tea Party Association.

There is one attribute the “State Party Chair” should definitely possess and that is “integrity.”

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The 2014 Elections Have Begun

It is time for all those persons who are interested in running for statewide office to get the wheel rolling.  Not much time left.  We can make 2014 a banner year for Democrats.  Those interested in running in 2014 need to get their issues going.

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It’s the economy stupid

Today’s job report was not good.  In fact, it sucked.  So what is the problem?  When you cut yourself and start bleeding, the body reacts and creates a blood clot to stop the bleeding.  If the damage is more than the body can fix by itself, you can apply pressure on the wound, a bandage, or a tourniquet  These simple measures should take care of 99.99999+ percent of the problems.  Of course there is always a transfusion, in the rare case that none of these measures works.  If the body cannot create enough blood to replenish the lost blood and transfusion does not work the body becomes weak and persons have been known to die.  That is the problem with job creation.  Just because jobs are not being created in America does not mean that jobs are not being created.  They are just not being created in America.  Jobs are going to go where labor abundant and cheap.  Trickle down economics works.  It is just that the money is trickling down in places like China, India and so on.  The idea that giving tax breaks to corporations and rich individuals is going to create jobs in America, well that violates rule number (something) in economics that the jobs are going to follow cheap labor.  There are solutions.  But the solutions are going to be outside political rhetoric.  So for us to start an honest discussion about job creation the first thing we have to do is leave ideology at the door.

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It’s all about values

I believe that if you sit democrats and republicans side by side and had an honest conversation with both of them you would find out that they have much in common. You would find out that both want the best education for their children.  If you asked them if they supported abortion on demand they would both be opposed. Likewise, if you asked them under what circumstances they supported abortion they would both reply, rape, incest and when a mother’s life is in danger. Both would probably agree that marriage is between a man and a woman and there would be strong support for civil unions.  Yes, when it comes to core values, Democrats and Republicans have much in common.  Politically, both of them support the second amendment and if you ask them under what circumstances they support gun control they would probably both agree on the importance of keeping guns out of the hands of criminals. Both would probably own guns and even be avid hunters.  I bet they would both be opposed to higher taxes, with Democrats including fees as taxes. Once upon a time, some Democratic politicians probably thought that the only way they could be elected as democrats was to run on extreme liberal positions, which represented the opinion of the politician but veered far off course of core Democratic values. This led to the perception that all Democrats are liberals.  The liberal label has been unfairly and unjustly used to describe all democrats, and that is just not so. On core social values, Democrats and Republicans share the same core values. Why is this important?  Because once we agree that we share core values, we can get down to discussing serious political issues.  It is time to shake the liberal tag that has never really been representative of the TDP.

It’s all about values

You have seen the Republicans in action during this legislative session in Austin.  Governor Good Hair gave the legislature HIS agenda and they went to work.  Got most of what he wanted.  Most laws that were passed were more concerned with maintaining their majority in the legislature than good governing.  The session was a well designed and choreographed act of political grandstanding.  Unfortunately, once a topic becomes law, only the courts can intervene,  and that takes a ton of money.  Hence, we need the check and balance of two parties.

We know the history of the TDP.  It is time to get beyond that and look at the future.  This is a start:  1.  A new TDP Chair.  2.  Prohibit the current TDP chair from obligating the TDP in any way, shape or fashion.   He is out.  3.  In deciding who are the best candidates for any position, look at finance campaign reports.  The D’s that have taken R money, or publicly supported R’s need to stand aside for the moment.  4.  Support the President.  He is the leading and top Democrat.  Texas Democrats need the President more than he needs Texas Democrats.  The easiest slogan to say is “Obama Care’s” and every candidate for office needs to say it, loud and proudly.

Solidarity is a value and that is the first value we need to learn to rebuild the TDP.  The diverse, big tent party is not owned in whole or in part by any group.  Everyone brings their values to the tent.

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