Rock Star Politicians

I wonder who  was the first Rock Star Politician.  It appears like politicians are trying to pass themselves off as rock stars and not as politicians with a message of hope for the community and for America.  America is transitioning from one era to another.  Yesterday is not today and today is not tomorrow.  That is how rapid change is occurring and we need to prepare the American people for today and tomorrow.  You hear “Change Washington” so much that it kind of like this saying has a life of its own.  But it doesn’t because it means nothing.  Yup, that is what it means, Zilch, Nada, To change Washington, you have to change whom you send to Washington.  And folks that is not easy.  When you get right down to it, we know Washington is broke but we keep sending the same people back to Washington.  If you think changing Washington is easy, watch and see who newspapers endorse for election.  You will see that mostly all incumbents are going to be endorsed by newspapers with a complete list of everything they have accomplished. How do you change Washington?? . 

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