One more hand

I can recall my poker playing days.  Of course, we played for money.  Real money.  I can vividly recall  everytime a new hand was dealt and watching all the other players around the table trying to catch a clue as to how powerful a hand they had been dealt.  With some players you did not have to do that.  You knew they were going to play every hand, win or lose, most of the time lose.  Ocassionally they would win a hand but that rare ocassion did not make up for previous loses.  That money was gone, into somebody else’s pocket.  Sad, but true.  As I see all the fenagling with redistricting, I am reminded of those card playing days.  I see the TDP chair, trying to win that one big hand that would cover all previous loses.  Just one more round. The fight in the Republican Party is over values.  This is what the base of the party want. They want to know where their presidential candidates stand on values.  Of course, Obama will probably be reelected.  I would be surprised if he was not.  You can bet your bottom dollar that he will join in the values fight.  In Texas, the drought has been harsh.  In the TDP there has been a long drought also.  Perhaps it is time for the TDP chair to learn from R’s and Obama himself.  A values dance might just end the drought.

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