Now that the credit rating of the US has been downgraded it is time for us common folk to assess responsibility (point the finger) at who or what was the most likely cause for what happened.  We do this (point the finger) after each major event, good or bad.  The group that was the most responsible for this action was the TEA Party.  I saw most of the deliberations on TV and time after time what I heard was that the TEA Party did not want to negotiate or compromise.  In a democracy when you fail to negotiate or compromise you are working your way into a dictatorship.  Most people in America knew the debt ceiling was going to be raised.  Shutting down the government was a non-starter and that was the position of the TEA Party.  Yes, there were other considerations, but when you point the finger you can only point it in one direction, the TEA Party.  We do not know what the after effects will be but it is WE the American people who will continue paying the price because we have a dysfunctional Washington.  Remember 2012.  I hear presidential candidates address the problem as a lack of “leadership”. In Texas we would probably say “bunk”.

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