Budget War

Now that the budget war is over another war has begun, the elections next year.  Many Democrats are disappointed the way that the issue was decided.  I believe that the Democrats gave up a lot more than the Republicans.  Yes.  Balancing the budget is important.  But creating jobs is more important.  The Republican idea of giving more money to corporations and the filthy rich is a non-starter.  The corporations and rich are not going to guarantee job creation in America where the jobs are needed.   We need to crank up our junior colleges to start teaching skills that the economy has.  Is this going to cost money?  Yes it is.  But think of the alternative.  Republican rhetoric or what we call in West Texas “chewing the cud” is not going to create jobs.  None of the Republican candidates for president has said anything about the economy that makes sense.  Balancing the budget is NOT fixing the economy.   Making education better will.  It is time to start acting like an organized party and get ready for the next war.  That means the Boyd Ritchie’s and the Gilberto Hinojosa’s need to stand aside and let some real leaders take charge.  Our children are going to be the real losers if Republicans win it all.

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