Balancing the Budget

As I understand it, Republican do not want to tax rich folk and large corporations.  Reason.  We they are going to create the ton of jobs that we need.  And these ton of jobs is going to increase  tax revenues that every level of government desperately needs.  The tooth fairy is also going to leave a large sum of money for me.  Republicans will not increase the taxes on rich folk and large corporations but they will increase the taxes on you and me.  Or let’s put it this way:  When they increase the Social Security retirement age from 65 to 70 and above, folks this is a huge tax increase.  Of course it is not called a huge tax increase, it is called “entitlement reform.”  Let us also remind ourselves that the entitlement reform came about because the social security money was spent by Congress.  As you watch this debate on the budget, when it is all over, ask yourself – “Who won?  Who lost?”  If you need help answering the question, let me help you, it was the American people who lost.  The American people were dealt a losing hand.

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