It’s the economy stupid

Today’s job report was not good.  In fact, it sucked.  So what is the problem?  When you cut yourself and start bleeding, the body reacts and creates a blood clot to stop the bleeding.  If the damage is more than the body can fix by itself, you can apply pressure on the wound, a bandage, or a tourniquet  These simple measures should take care of 99.99999+ percent of the problems.  Of course there is always a transfusion, in the rare case that none of these measures works.  If the body cannot create enough blood to replenish the lost blood and transfusion does not work the body becomes weak and persons have been known to die.  That is the problem with job creation.  Just because jobs are not being created in America does not mean that jobs are not being created.  They are just not being created in America.  Jobs are going to go where labor abundant and cheap.  Trickle down economics works.  It is just that the money is trickling down in places like China, India and so on.  The idea that giving tax breaks to corporations and rich individuals is going to create jobs in America, well that violates rule number (something) in economics that the jobs are going to follow cheap labor.  There are solutions.  But the solutions are going to be outside political rhetoric.  So for us to start an honest discussion about job creation the first thing we have to do is leave ideology at the door.

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