It’s all about values

You have seen the Republicans in action during this legislative session in Austin.  Governor Good Hair gave the legislature HIS agenda and they went to work.  Got most of what he wanted.  Most laws that were passed were more concerned with maintaining their majority in the legislature than good governing.  The session was a well designed and choreographed act of political grandstanding.  Unfortunately, once a topic becomes law, only the courts can intervene,  and that takes a ton of money.  Hence, we need the check and balance of two parties.

We know the history of the TDP.  It is time to get beyond that and look at the future.  This is a start:  1.  A new TDP Chair.  2.  Prohibit the current TDP chair from obligating the TDP in any way, shape or fashion.   He is out.  3.  In deciding who are the best candidates for any position, look at finance campaign reports.  The D’s that have taken R money, or publicly supported R’s need to stand aside for the moment.  4.  Support the President.  He is the leading and top Democrat.  Texas Democrats need the President more than he needs Texas Democrats.  The easiest slogan to say is “Obama Care’s” and every candidate for office needs to say it, loud and proudly.

Solidarity is a value and that is the first value we need to learn to rebuild the TDP.  The diverse, big tent party is not owned in whole or in part by any group.  Everyone brings their values to the tent.

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