It’s all about values

Here we go again.  When will it stop.  Looks like the DNC and the TDP concocted another Dream Idea (as opposed to Dream Teams) that somehow since so many Republicans are trying to replace KBH that the winner will come out of the Primary wounded, a real bloody mess.  Goes to show how neither one of them understands Texas politics.  The Republican primary is not about an intelligent discussion about issues.  Never has been, probably never will be.  No one is going to take a position that will alienate the base of the party.  The Republican primary is a race to see who is the most conservative.  How far right can a candidate go?  Look at your governor.  He got elected never really taking a stroll to the center.  The Democratic base is going to be looking for solutions, the Republican base is going to be looking for positions.  Pick a Republican favorite, abortion.  Republican position, pro-life.  Democrat solution, pro-abortion.  Guess who is going to get the most votes in Texas?  Here is a typical issue, immigration.  Democratic solution some sort of amnesty.  Republican position no amnesty.  In Texas, whom do you think has the most votes?  It’s all about values and it is all about Texas.  Washington values do not apply in Texas.  The TDP needs to stop fantasizing and raise 100M to help the latest Dream Pick get elected.  Anything less, I go with my pick for TDP chair, Fidel Acevedo.

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