It’s all about values…

What is the meaning of this?  Values do not change, they take on new meaning.  When you speak of Social Security to today’s young people their world view of social security is a lot different than that of my generation.  Today’s young people are more concerned with the quality of their retirement than they are about saving social security.  Social security is worth saving only if it provides for a comfortable retirement.  Anyone who has parents living on social security can see that in many cases it is not providing a comfortable retirement.  With all the fear mongering about social security out there it is difficult for someone today to trust their future to the government.  Of course you hear right wing talking heads instill the fear of government to people every day.  Medicare is in a similar scenario.  Once Washington started tapping into the fund, before too long there was a shortage of money then there was the fear that it was not going to be solvent and the drama continues ad infinitum.  The only ones who benefit are the insurance companies who stand to gain from any weakness in Medicare.  It is safe to say that the problem with Social Security and Medicare is Washington, or as conservatives say “big government.”  Paradoxically, we continue sending back to Washington the same people who created the problem.  So we can say that “we” are the problem.

Education has been so maligned by people inside and outside education that one has to wonder if our children will be prepared for the future in today’s public schools.  The alternative to public schools are charter schools, vouchers and privatization.  Saying no to vouchers and privatization only emboldens the other side.  The anti-public school crowd has plenty of negative studies on their side to justify their position.  The easiest way to get a Democrat wrapped around the axle is to mention vouchers or privatization.  An argument over this topic is not worth the time of day.  We should have learned already that you can get anything you want if you are willing to pay for it.

Union support for the Democratic Party is overhyped.  As a Democrat who has run for office, I have looked for union support only to find nothing.  As a school teacher I know that unions are the only check that teachers have against capricious and arbitrary administrators.  The myth about not being able to get rid of bad teachers is exactly that, a myth.  Administrators have never had a problem getting rid of bad teachers and unions and teachers groups will not support a teacher when the teacher is clearly wrong.  Unions gain more by getting along with administrators than they do protecting incompetent teachers.

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