San Antonio Democrats – Shameful – United Democrats is an oxymoron

Shameful-shameless, can only describe the behavior of democrats attacking Ramos.  Regardless of what has transpired within the BCDP, there is not one thing that Ramos has said that even comes close – in comparison – to how some Texas democrats (those choosing to get involved), and local party members have treated him publicly and otherwise. Local democrats have behaved reprehensible toward one of their own. Ramos was elected by popular vote. Even if he was not their first choice for party chair, for the majority he was and it got him elected.

Elected Democrats, and local party members should have done everything to help him fix the mess created by the former chair, instead of the taking steps to oppose him – that would have been the democratic thing to do.  The division among party members is not something new, but the harassment that Ramos has endured, the real culprits have not even experienced. In any other setting this harassment would probably be illegal, but apparently everyone involved is OK with it.  Ramos should follow suit of Ms. San Antonio, 2011.  Nevertheless, it is disappointing to watch so many BCDP members choose to behave like school yard bullies.  What’s the rule, two wrongs, don’t make a right.

Further, posting letters demanding his resignation on the party website only demonstrates the lack of professionalism and the inability to resolve conflict among local democrats.  The website should not be posting any information related to the problems plaguing the Bexar Democratic Party, much less-letters demanding his resignation. This too, is like the children who write offensive comments about fellow classmates on the classroom boards and restroom walls…

Texas Democrats, local party members have managed to further deface the Democratic Party, as if it needed any help. Thank you for the transparency. I guess this gives me a clue about how Democrats would run state government… an inability to resolve conflict… harassment, bullying, character attacks…hmmm…we already have plenty of that….

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