It’s all about values

I spent the weekend listening and watching the events in Arizona wondering how something like this could ever happen in this great country that I love so much.  The Oklahoma bombing was senseless, as was the vicious attack on the World Trade Center, then the bloody rampage at Fort Hood.  All of these events were insane, and now another senseless killing in Arizona.  More innocent lives lost.  The distance between sanity and insanity is a thin red line and no one knows what is going to cause a person to snap.  Today, I heard right-wing radio defending itself as the perpetrators used the old quote, “guns don’t kill people, people kill people.”  Of course they are right and to say that right-wing talk shows are the cause is absolutely wrong.  As I have said before, right-wing talk show people smile all the way to the bank.  The question is, did right-wing talk show radio cause this young man to snap?  We may never know. 

Folks, it is time for right-wing radio to take responsibility for the polarization of politics in America.  Even today I kept hearing of the evil liberals.  Somehow, right-wing talk show people believe liberals have an agenda that is a clear and present danger to conservatism in America. Right-wing talk show people have spewed this rhetoric for years.  However, you say this enough times and before too long, people are going to believe it.   Right-wing talk show people are excellent communicators.  I heard the denials and of course, they deny, deny, deny.  For the love of God, I believe that it is time for both political parties to sit down and talk, be human and civilized.  Let’s put a stop to this insanity.  For us, it means not buying the products that keep right-wing talk show people in control of the airwaves.   

My condolences to all the victims in Arizona.  Keep the faith.  Trust in God and please trust in the USA.

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