KERA Debate Policy – Democracy stampede…

Update: As expected…there are not polls to support KERA’s exclusion of any of the gubernatorial candidates from the debate. Media campaign spending is the only driving force.

As for the … race for governor….so far…the race is on a familiar path. The “as expected path” which inevitably will yield the expected outcome!

KERA debate policy does not stipulate one set of rules for career politician, millionaire and another for “everyone else” but apparently that’s what has happened.  Today it was announced that the anointed one and the millionaire have  been selected to debate, everyone else will be decided on by noon today.  Money, we know buys air time.  Hence that would make anything that money can buy “newsworthy.”

The deadline for submitting KERA’s questionnaire is noon, today.

The questionnaire is designed to weed out candidate’s lacking merit… according to KERA.

The fact is, I have not seen any polls where democratic candidates received a minimum of 6%  support of voters in non partisan polls.  If the polls are out there…it’s time to release them…

As for other criteria…

Items # 1 – 3-5 — TDP verifies before the fee is paid.

Item #2 — Campaign HQ

Item #6 — Fundraising (through another race)  … self – financed

Items #7 -8- Staff / Volunteers

Items #9 – 10 Appearances

Item #11 – News coverage – bought and paid for…

Items #12 – Prior  runs for political office  (insignificant)

Apparently, money is the only driving force in the democratic arena…

For the past few months, we have read over and over again the need for recruiting well-qualified democratic candidates to run for statewide office.  Few can deny that the objective was to recruit a Latino to run against Perry, but anyone would do, anyone that is …that the democratic establishment felt was well – qualified.

The idea of challenging the GOP was primed for 2010.

Every candidate on the democratic ballot met the initial requirements to file for a place on the ballot. All paid their filing fee of $3750. I realize that the anointed one feels the filing fee is too low, and noted so on air….although he was not sure how many candidates were on the ballot.

Obviously, prior political experience is not a major contributing factor. Bringing out the vote is not a major contributing factor. Being well-qualified..well, it’s subjective. Following KERA’s own developed policy is also not a major factor in inclusion for this debate.  more later…

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