No Inclusion – No Debate!

“I was informed on the inclusion rules for the KERA debate and they are not acceptable. I will not participate in a debate that excludes any gubernatorial candidate willing to participate.”

As a retired veteran, having served 28 years in the armed forces protecting and defending our way of life I will not support, nor will I be a participant in any event that excludes a person from participating in every aspect of the democratic process, especially after having fulfilled the initial requirements, one of which is payment of a filing fee.

more later…Felix

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  1. It’s too bad that the powers that be will not borrow a page from the Republican debate and realize that people are looking for alternatives to professional politicians. Allowing any democratic gubernatorial candidate WILLING to participate is different from saying that ALL should participate. Given a live and formal debate any of those 7 candidates that is not prepared for the job would probably not be willing to participate.

    Why would the political insider (White) not take an opportunity to stand before his challengers to show why he is favored in this race? I guess that would just be unnecessary political risk. What if any of the other six turned out to connect better with the people? That is a risk for all candidates so I can see why Felix’s statement would specify “a debate that excludes any gubernatorial candidate willing to participate.”

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