Getting out the vote!

When it comes to getting out the vote…nothing works better than a real challenge. Felix did pretty good in 2004/2002 in heavily entrenched Republican districts.

U. S. Representative District 12  2004    
  Kay Granger(I) REP 173,222 72.31%
  Felix Alvarado DEM 66,316 27.68%
    Race Total 239,538
U. S. Representative District 6  2002    
  Joe Barton(I) REP 115,396 70.34%
  Felix Alvarado DEM 45,404 27.67%
  Frank Brady LIB 1,992 1.21%
  B.J. Armstrong GRN 1,245 0.75%
    Race Total 164,037

Source: TX Elections  

These numbers from Felix’s Congressional run clearly show that he can pull his own weight in a heavily entrenched Republican district.

You can’t say the same thing about the anointed one. He couldn’t bring his own city out to support his re-election. 

Still, this is the chosen one… the one laying out the rules for debate policy….the one KERA is discussing terms for a debate.

KERA, it is time to include all the Democratic candidates in this discussion. After all I think the Republicans have shown that Texans want something different and they delivered.  If we talk about taking on a challenge…Felix is the only candidate who has actually challenged a Republican. 

There were many hopefuls that the party was trying to woo into running against Perry. Did any of them take the challenge. NO! Because for them political careers is their concern, not the needs of the people.

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