Hardly a critical analysis…

For facts on Felix we always refer readers to our website or to the blog.


If you read the article linked above..please..here I present a better view of Felix.

FACT: When Schieffer withdraw from the race, because he realized he was going no where..he suggested other candidates do the same and support his chosen candidate, one who had repeatedly denied he was not going to switch races, and one who he felt could get democrats motivated.  Did anyone listen to rationalbroadcasting this morning?

FACT:  The TDP Chair, during a closed door meeting with the declared gubernatorial candidates suggested that they consider races down ballot races to eliminate the glut at the governor level. Several (meaning more than two) news sources reported much the same…along with Schieffer’s comment. Two of the then candidates actually took the advise and moved down ballot, both citing their rational for the decision. Stay tuned for the making of a king….

The whole “who’s is and who’s out” well…we all read, wrote and shared. Do a Google search…there is plenty of info…

FACT: Felix was a Democratic  candidate for Congress twice (not several as in more than two). For ease of intellectual research here are the numbers:

District 6 100% U.S.
2002 – General Election – 27.67%

Democratic nominee
2004 – 100% U.S. Representative District 12
2004 – General Election – 27.68

FACT:  The Houston Chronicle reporter posed as a member of the media wanting to host a fundraiser, to get our attention.  Our  website  does direct the media to check out the blog for responses of any sort for breaking news and such.

Most reporters have been able to reach us by phone.  There is a number on the contact page and a link to our email, so you don’t have to use the contact form.

BTW: I do give out Felix’s cell number to reporters requesting phone interviews.

We are approaching the Primaries rather quickly. Voters need candidate information and not poorly framed opinions, although the latter is usually what is conveyed. The democratic process has been trampled beyond recognition, but this campaign and this election nevertheless proceeds.  The relationship we have with critics is one of love/hate. The only problem is that critics keep us from watching good movies.

Voters will follow their usual path and others will make the best choice from the list of candidates who stood up for the people of the Texas when the subjective – so-called – well-qualified democrat chose to stand down in 2010 and do nothing. For many voters that choice will be Felix Rodriguez Alvarado.

He stands for the people of Texas and not for the sake of politics as usual.

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