It’s not unusual…

I am a classroom teacher in the Dallas ISD.  I am also a military veteran of twenty-eight years in the Naval Reserve, Army and Air Force.

Felix on the endorsement of Texas State Teachers Association over the weekend of White.

“When I read that you had endorsed Bill White for governor, I was astonished and dumbfounded beyond belief  as I read your motives for your endorsement.  That he understands teaching because his parents were teachers is like saying that my children know everything about Air Force One because I was in an organization that inspected the wing that maintains Air Force One.

We know it takes money to operate a statewide campaign, but if we let money hinder our outreach then we have no business in this race. Money, endorsements and media coverage have been handed only to the “chosen” one.  Even the platform sounds familiar.  As much as his supporters would like us to believe that he is someone we should all bow to, a large part of the citizenry has yet to learn his name.   The large part mind you that will have a significant role in the November election.  You may differ all you want. The win in March is not where the battle begins, but it may be where the battle will end if we continue with the politics as usual shenanigans.  At this rate the best we can look forward to is another four, eight even twelve years of the same poor leadership that has Texas sitting at the bottom.

As we all know, the governor’s race, or for that matter – any election is only about how much money a candidate can raise, plain and simple. It is obvious,  a candidate does not even need a platform, because he can simply borrow from his opponent.

Coming up with workable solutions that will appeal to the general masses is not necessary when you place an order for a candidate, nor is defending those solutions.  The objective is to sell the personality as one genuinely concerned for the needs of others.  However far fetched it may sound.

As Texans. we have allowed money and influence to reign over us, and I don’t know about you, but I have had enough.

I always get a laugh when non/infrequent-voters complain about our political process and the ridiculous spending of monies that could be put to better use, but yet they never realize that all the money spent to reach voters, to educate voters, and to buys votes has yet to actually persuade them to vote.  Let me tell you about these people. They are working class, professional and educated people, young and old that feel their vote does not matter.

Money can buy plenty of media exposure, but it does not guarantee a win, just ask the last Dem candidate that spent his own millions. Certainly, getting voters to believe in you, to trust you and your mission is still another hurdle. Getting people out to vote , again…

more later…

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