It is beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

As Christmas day approaches, so does the anticipation of a new year and election time.  With Felix in the race, the only Hispanic gubernatorial candidate “so far” 2010 may be a history making year.  While strategists determine the best possible approach to defeat the Republicans, Felix is confident he can beat the Republicans with pure common sense.

People across the country are fascinated with Texas politics. Which Democrat will be able to beat the Republicans? Who will “they” be able to run against Perry that can guarantee victory? Although, pundits have already determined the winner of the governors’ race with pure speculation, you have to wonder on what they are basing their conclusion. The filing period has not ended yet.   If they are using polling information to make their assessments, the accuracy of any poll is always questionable. Folks, every day holds a potential for surprises! Keep an ear open! Felix is the only choice for November! He has not wavered in his committment to the governor’s race or to the people of Texas. With Felix, we can have victory in November.

“Never let the fear of striking out get in your way.” Babe Ruth
We can’t ignore the shenanigans this election cycle. We stepped back in time 50 years. Seriously folks, we need to get back to the future.


“A nation which has forgotten the quality of courage which in the past has been brought to public life is not as likely to insist upon or regard that quality in its chosen leaders today – and in fact we have forgotten.” John F. Kennedy

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Democracy Trumped

The values I learned in the military shape my life today. First, I learned that we serve God and Country. I, like most of us who served did this voluntarily. I served to protect and defend everyone’s right to do exactly what I am doing right now, participate in the democratic process. I would never deny anyone this constitutional right and would encourage every one to participate. I hope that everyone who visits this website is as outraged as I have been at the suggestion that all candidates remove their name from the ballot, so that one person can become the anointed candidate. Yes, an anointed candidate because he has yet to be proven a leader outside his circle of acquaintance. We have elected other anointed candidates, and all have failed miserably to accomplish their prime objective. Words cannot explain the disgust that I feel. What is even more disgusting is that responsible people, those who consider themselves leaders put the mandate of the party above the needs of the people they represent. This is utterly disgusting. This is, however, politics as usual.

Further, I cannot express how offensive I find the allusion that the only reason that I am running is because I am Hispanic. I heard these same snide remarks in the military because I was achieving rank that few minorities attained. I had a record of accomplishment in the military as I have a record of accomplishment today. That is why I was promoted in the military and that is what I carry into the campaign, a lifetime of accomplishment. I am running because I know I can do better, and I just happen to be Hispanic. I need your help to bring real change to government and I am confident that together we can win.

“The historic bonds which link Texas and the Democratic Party are no temporary union of convenience. They are deeply embedded in the history and purpose of this State and party. For the Democratic Party is not a collection of diverse interests brought together only to win elections. We are united instead by a common history and heritage–by a respect for the deeds of the past and a recognition of the needs of the future. Never satisfied with today, we have always staked our fortunes on tomorrow. That is the kind of State which Texas has always been–that is the kind of vision and vitality which Texans have always possessed–and that is the reason why Texas will always be basically Democratic.”

A quote from a speech that President John F. Kennedy never got the opportunity to deliver ( November 22, 1963).

What does a winning Democrat look like in a statewide campaign?

Let’s take a look back …

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A novelty candidate!


Seems Felix has just been tagged a novelty candidate.  Well, all I can say is…no one attempted to clear the path for him to run unopposed, (the audacity of interfering with the democratic process, but that seems to be politics as usual). Being Hispanic, naturally most people would believe, or predict the surname can win Felix, or any Hispanic the Primary.  Need I say…I’m rooting for the Hispanic candidate. Anyway, the feedback so far is very positive, not because Felix is Hispanic, but because he offers viable solutions to the issues we currently face, and that resonates with many people.   

As of, Dec. 7, 2009 Felix is an official candidate for Texas Governor. We handed a cashier’s check to the TDP rep. see below!!! I knew the check thing from 2006 would be the first thing the media and others would bring up.  I am also sure that some people will spin the check thing for the duration of the election cycle…they like riding dead horses, and clicking on links, still Felix will continue to reach out to all Texans and share his plans for Texas.  

This one will not bounce!!!

With only 84 days before the Primary there is still much work to be done!

There is no rest for the Democrat that want’s to be Texas Governor.
more later…
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The audicity of hope continues…

Alvarado Goodwill Campaign

Felix, having remained steadfast in his commitment to the governor’s race, will file for a place on the Democratic ticket tomorrow.  I invite everyone to visit our website to learn more about Felix. 

Since 2006, when Felix made his first attempt at running for governor, he has not stopped believing that Texans deserve better, a better economy, a better education for our children, and better access to health care for all Texans.  Felix is well-informed about the state of our education system. He is well versed in what troubles our economy, and he knows the impact of not having adequate, accessible, and affordable health care is having on many Texans.   

When it comes to leadership, people tend to desire someone with political knack, someone qualified. Well, it’s obvious; we need to redefine the qualifications. The most that we can boast about thus far, having elected qualified candidates is being the 12th largest economy, having the worst education system, the highest rates of people medically uninsured, some of the highest poverty rates and the list goes on.  This is a record that would make anyone proud to be from Texas.  

Felix’s lack of political savvy means he does not bring any political baggage to the table. It means, he owes his allegiance to no one except the people of Texas. It means he is not trying to preserve his political image. It means he is truly concerned with the state of our state, and he knows he can do better.  This is goodwill. The people who need help the most are not sitting in multimillion dollar mansions handing out money to candidates to preserve their way of life. People would like us to believe that a big treasure chest is sufficient to gain a victory in 2010. Most of us know better.  Yes, it may take millions of dollars to beat out Perry or Hutchinson, even non voters know that, but it will also take millions of votes to win in November. It takes more than money; it takes being committed to the mission. 

We have come a long way since August 13, the day we sent out our first press release. Early on in the campaign, we addressed the circumstances surrounding the check incident in 2006. Some people requested an explanation and Felix was more than willing to offer one. To many others, it was insignificant, but nevertheless Felix wanted to be upfront about the issue.  It was a very humiliating experience, and too come back and face the giants, well that takes guts. Either way, the comments were few, but really some critics only sought to make the issue more intriguing.  I found this comment on one blog ” 

“There’s so much that is so wrong with this public statement, but let’s just focus on the matter of the complexities associated with maintaining a proper balance in one’s checking account: “borrow the money”? Why would you need to “borrow the money” if it was your stated intention to “deposit the money the following morning”? There’s more going on with this explanation than mere garden-variety ignorance, And this fellow will probably make the runoff for governor solely because of his surname. “ 

 The only thing we left out of this explanation was speculation. This statement alone shows what Democrats are up against. Someone out there wants to continue riding a dead horse.  It is time for someone to figure out that horse is not going anywhere.  The issues facing Texas require that we be open to ideas and suggestions, some of which a few years ago would have been unfathomable.  It is time to move forward, and the forward movement is not going to happen riding dead horses. 

 More later….

The Legacy need not continue…

Monday, Dec. 7, 2009, Felix Alvarado will visit the TDP headquarters to file for a place on the ballot.

No one can deny that Felix has been steadfast in his commitment to this race, to the people of Texas and to the democratic process. Perhaps not everyone in Texas has heard of Felix Alvarado, but if a small town, high school student knows his name, chances are… many people have.  

As Felix made his way around a few Texas counties, the message was very clear… many Texans are ready for change. Although, some people would like you to believe otherwise, the change being purposed thus far is not real change, just more of the same thing in a new wrapper.  This is our legacy hypocrisy, and cronyism “a la Texas.” Just toss it into “politics as usual.”

Most of us would agree that when it comes to change, we tend to ignore the things we are not ready to face. Inevitably, the fear of change…keeps change at arm’s length. Conservatives may never be ready for a Democratic governor, but they are fed up with Perry politics. Among various groups the consensus remains clear.  We don’t need another four years of status quo politics. We don’t need anyone who needs to be wooed or lead by the nose to run for any office. Regardless, as desperate as the situation sounds many people have already decided who they are supporting in the Nov. election. We don’t need to spend millions of dollars on polling or consultants to learn that bit of information, although the economy can use the money.

The status quo will never demand change. Hence, “we” the people must forge ahead and fight for real change. If we are to embrace our diversity, we must first face our adversity by demanding change now! We can create a new legacy! There is only one candidate demanding and purposing real change and that is Felix Alvarado! We need Felix Rodriguez Alvarado as governor of Texas!

Join us Monday, December 7, 2009 at the TDP Headquarters as Felix Alvarado challenges the status quo for the people of Texas.

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Mark your calender for Dec 7

With all the commotion surrounding the governor’s race it will be interesting to see who will be first in line on Dec. 3. As I have previously mentioned, Dec. 7, Felix will be in Austin to file for a place on the Democratic ballot. It might be a good idea to have law enforcement present, just in case an attempt is made to prevent any candidate from filing for a place, even though we know that influence has already been exerted.  

The excitement in the Democratic race is not as publicized as the GOP battle, but it is just as entertaining.  It is quite obvious that people outside of Texas have taken a more active role in influencing the governor’s race, if not physically but verbally, but this is not all that unusual.

Well, at least not as unusual as a party chair asking Democratic candidates to step down the ballot, and a gubernatorial candidate dropping out of the race, with the audacity… in a public announcement to suggest all the other candidates do the same and let his chosen candidate take the primary.

Now, that is the kind of stuff that happens in Texas. There is no shame. That is the Texas that needs to change.  Yes, it may be a bit more complicated, really convoluted than that, but we need to start somewhere, at least that is what most people are comfortable believing.

We tell our children that the difference between winners and losers – is attitude, and attempt to change their attitude, so they can attain a higher level of achievement. Yet, Democrats are constantly told they cannot win, even by their own leaders and fail to even try. Now mind you, not all Democrats have that losing mentality, but they are overshadowed by those that embrace the defeatist attitude.

That needs to change! Why are we waiting for the numbers to be in our favor, when we are the numbers??

More later…

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