Democracy Trumped

The values I learned in the military shape my life today. First, I learned that we serve God and Country. I, like most of us who served did this voluntarily. I served to protect and defend everyone’s right to do exactly what I am doing right now, participate in the democratic process. I would never deny anyone this constitutional right and would encourage every one to participate. I hope that everyone who visits this website is as outraged as I have been at the suggestion that all candidates remove their name from the ballot, so that one person can become the anointed candidate. Yes, an anointed candidate because he has yet to be proven a leader outside his circle of acquaintance. We have elected other anointed candidates, and all have failed miserably to accomplish their prime objective. Words cannot explain the disgust that I feel. What is even more disgusting is that responsible people, those who consider themselves leaders put the mandate of the party above the needs of the people they represent. This is utterly disgusting. This is, however, politics as usual.

Further, I cannot express how offensive I find the allusion that the only reason that I am running is because I am Hispanic. I heard these same snide remarks in the military because I was achieving rank that few minorities attained. I had a record of accomplishment in the military as I have a record of accomplishment today. That is why I was promoted in the military and that is what I carry into the campaign, a lifetime of accomplishment. I am running because I know I can do better, and I just happen to be Hispanic. I need your help to bring real change to government and I am confident that together we can win.

“The historic bonds which link Texas and the Democratic Party are no temporary union of convenience. They are deeply embedded in the history and purpose of this State and party. For the Democratic Party is not a collection of diverse interests brought together only to win elections. We are united instead by a common history and heritage–by a respect for the deeds of the past and a recognition of the needs of the future. Never satisfied with today, we have always staked our fortunes on tomorrow. That is the kind of State which Texas has always been–that is the kind of vision and vitality which Texans have always possessed–and that is the reason why Texas will always be basically Democratic.”

A quote from a speech that President John F. Kennedy never got the opportunity to deliver ( November 22, 1963).

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