A novelty candidate!


Seems Felix has just been tagged a novelty candidate.  Well, all I can say is…no one attempted to clear the path for him to run unopposed, (the audacity of interfering with the democratic process, but that seems to be politics as usual). Being Hispanic, naturally most people would believe, or predict the surname can win Felix, or any Hispanic the Primary.  Need I say…I’m rooting for the Hispanic candidate. Anyway, the feedback so far is very positive, not because Felix is Hispanic, but because he offers viable solutions to the issues we currently face, and that resonates with many people.   

As of, Dec. 7, 2009 Felix is an official candidate for Texas Governor. We handed a cashier’s check to the TDP rep. see below!!! I knew the check thing from 2006 would be the first thing the media and others would bring up.  I am also sure that some people will spin the check thing for the duration of the election cycle…they like riding dead horses, and clicking on links, still Felix will continue to reach out to all Texans and share his plans for Texas.  

This one will not bounce!!!

With only 84 days before the Primary there is still much work to be done!

There is no rest for the Democrat that want’s to be Texas Governor.
more later…
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