South Texas…be on the look out!

Felix is headed your way! That’s right. Felix Alvarado will be on the road beginning Tuesday and he will be making his way around south Texas, back to basics style.

I will post a complete itinerary later today…

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Felix Alvarado continues to focus on the need for creating immediate employment.

Fort Worth, TX,  Unemployment in Texas continues to rise and the Republican candidates for governor are more concerned about pursuing their ideological base than seeking solutions that benefits Texas. The Senate candidate is more concerned about voting no on health care than seeking a solution to the health care needs of Texas.

I have proposed immediate solutions to create employment in Texas. Government does have a purpose and that is providing for the needs of Texans.

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Felix…the only real choice!

Felix supporters in attendance at TCU, tell me that tonight was Felix’s night. Awesome! That means…as March 2, 2010 nears…this campaign and this candidate will be extremely difficult to ignore. Thanks to all…for your support. 

Join us in Austin, Dec. 7, 2007 (location: TBA) Felix will visit with the TDP to file for a place on the ballot (and he won’t be paying with a check!).      Check back for additional details.

Also, there are still many more opportunities to meet Felix as we continue making our way around the state.  Next week we will be taking a drive around south Texas, so keep your ears open for dates and times.

Alvarado 2010!!! The only real choice for the people of Texas and for the future of Texas!!!  🙂

Felix speaking to TDWGC Longview Nov. 17th

Texas Democratic Women of Gregg County

Present Felix Alvarado in Longview, Tue. Nov 17th at the Longview Community Center, 5:30 pm, 500 E Whaley St, Longview.

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TCU Nov. 18th

Felix Alvarado Mark your calender…Nov 18, 2009…7:00 PM Decision 2010 Tarrant Young Democrats and TCU College Democrats are presenting this cycles’ first Gubernatorial Candidates Forum (debate!). Texas Christian University has agreed to host the event at the brand new student center ballroom. See you there!

Too Little, Too Late

After years of being in control, the Republicans have had many opportunities to develop a health care plan for all America.  Now…they are being what they often accuse the Democrats of … obstructionists.  There is a place on the table for Republican ideas and they should express them loudly.  We need a health care plan that is affordable, accessible  and transportable.  I urge all congressional representatives to join the debate and develop a plan that fits all Texans and the Texas economy.

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No Tax Increases Please!!!!!

As I understand it, we are going through some rough times.  Unemployment is at a record high, people are having a hard time finding a job, really, not a time to be raising taxes of any sort on anybody.  The best way to increase revenue is to create jobs.  That is what the Alvarado platform is about.  Creating jobs.

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