Day 4 The heart of the lion…

As we continued our travels through south Texas, the feedback has remained consistent from day one. Democrats…people…voters…do not want to be led by the nose.  People are aware of recent political developments, yet they continue to demand change, and that is the pressing issue. The need for economic development and health care is urgent and people don’t want to and can’t wait another four to eight years for improvement. The message is as loud and clear today,  as it was in 2006. “We cannot afford to wait any longer.”

One gentleman put it like this…“We vote every time, and nothing changes. Why should we continue to vote, if that vote is not going to change anything!”  It’s time for change, but more than that we need someone who is actually going to do something to help us!  

There is only one winning strategy and that is to win in 2010. Simply priming for the chance of victory in 2012 or 2018 is unacceptable! 

This campaign is not taking anything or anyone for granted. If we can’t make it to every corner of the state, it will not be from lack of effort, or lack of desire.       

Listening to people talk about the state of our state, the urgency in addressing their needs, the lack of concern on the part of those who have had plenty of opportunity to make a difference and haven’t ..there is only one conclusion to make from their message.

Folks, it’s time to stop priming, and recruiting candidates and get to work on supporting candidates. Many of you may desire a candidate that is more politically savvy, but folks, if any individual would have had an ounce of genuine desire to step up to the plate and take on the GOP, he or she would have and should have taken that leap long before now. At this point, their dash into the governor’s race is at the summons of “someone” and only to improve the numbers for the possibility of a win in the distant future. Some people can’t wait that long!

The governor’s race has never been more entertaining…on both sides. People are joining the race and people are bowing out of the race. Yes, I’m in…no, I’m not. I am considering a run. We need him, we need her, she will be a good candidate, no, he will be a strong democrat, she will be a good choice, she keeps changing her mind, and he said he was not going to run, but now he will.

From the start, Felix has been serious about tackling the difficult issues that plague our great state. He committed to the people of Texas. He is willing to take on the challenge. He is not willing to wait for the perfect timing, the perfect election year, or the perfect candidate. We shouldn’t either.  

Tomorrow, we will wrap up our Thanksgiving Day-Goodwill Tour. It has been an interesting tour. We met with some incredible people, with incredible energy, and positive about the possibility of a Democratic win in 2010. It is clear that all of us have a winning strategy, but the only one that is going to work, is the one that includes Felix Alvarado as your Democratic candidate in March and Nov. 2010.

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