No sooner one jumps in…one jumps out…grabs you go!

It is time!

Felix Alvarado remains steadfast in his run for governor. Unlike self-seeking politicians, whose only goal is to keep climbing the political ladder, and keeping their options open, yet never considering the needs of the people of Texas, Felix Alvarado has committed to bring real change, strong leadership, and vision for the future of Texas. He has not wavered. While some people continue their search for the perfect candidate, let’s be realistic there is no such thing. If such a person existed in our lifetime, we would not be in this situation.

The world was a different place, even thirty years ago and the politicians of yesterday had different world views. Some of those politicians passed on their world views to their offspring, and their effect still lingers not allowing Texas to rise above its circumstance. We need Felix Alvarado. He realizes that the Texas he grew up in – is not the Texas of today. We need someone with a clear perspective of where we’ve been and where we’re going. This is Felix Alvarado.

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